FiberTech Optica develops configurable multi-emitter fiber-coupled LED light source

March 19, 2014
Our multi-emitter fiber coupled LED light sources are built on a modular LED platform that is configurable to the customer’s required spectral distribution. An integrated light mixing module ensures both spectral and spatial uniformity at the the output aperture of a 5 mm diameter fiber optic bundle. The initial configuration spans the entire visible spectral range using a selection of discrete single wavelength emitters combined with high power white LEDs.
- Light distribution management
- Broad wavelength range
- Independently adjustable intensity tuning
- Spectral and spatial uniformity
- Computer controlled via USB

- Versatile light source
- Low operating costs
- No heat related problems
- Reduced system complexity
- Low maintenance

- Illumination
- Biomedical instrumentation
- Spectroscopy instrumentation
- Microscopy
- Medical devices
- Industrial machine vision

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Jeff Dupris - FiberTech Optica