Small Hawaii businesses can receive free LED bulbs from Green Lighting LED

March 25, 2014
Nothing in life is free, except for LED light bulbs manufactured by Green Lighting LED. Why pay for light bulbs when you don’t have to? Are you a small business located in Hawaii? Would you like free, energy efficient LED light bulbs at your facility?

From now until June 9th, small businesses across Hawaii can receive free light bulbs manufactured by Green Lighting LED. Inefficient halogen, incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps can all be changed out to Energy Star lamps manufactured and assembled in Erie, Pennsylvania.

LED PAR30 Cast Aluminum Lamps
Energy Star LED lamps manufactured by Green Lighting LED.

Hawaii is the most oil dependent state in America and as a result they have the nation’s highest energy prices. As prices continue to rise, so does the cost of doing business. On the bright side, however, energy is a controllable cost and efficient technologies can help ease the burden. While the cost of lighting alone can drain your business of energy and profit, environmentally friendly retrofits can dramatically mitigate the cost.


We understand you don’t have time to research and learn what options you have to reduce your energy usage, so let us do the work for you. A contractor will visit your business and remove inefficient lamps in exchange for energy-efficient lighting. By the way, the service is absolutely free. We’ll help connect you with a participating contractor and the rest is easy.

Does my Hawaiian based small business qualify?

Are you a small business located in Hawaii?
Is your electric utility billing rate schedule a “G” or
Is your company on a master-metered electric utility account with a total space under 5,000sq ft
A restaurant

To learn more information about getting your lighting switched to free LED light bulbs from Green Lighting LED, contact us today. We look forward to providing your facility with an awesome solution that won’t cost anything. We’d like to personally thank Hawaii Energy for putting together such an awesome rebate program.

Me Ka Mahalo,

Josh Gehly, VP of Operations

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