Khatod offers Luna optical diffusers for photoluminescent LEDs

Feb. 17, 2014
Through the continual exploration of new areas of application for LED technology, we are proud to introduce new, innovative, and appealing products for our customers.
Welcome to the new series of LUNA optical diffusers by Khatod!

LUNA optical diffusers implement new Photoluminescence Technology based on Aluminates, inorganic materials, for new frontiers of design.

Basing on the photoluminescence technology, LUNA optical diffusers can be used in a variety of applications. They are perfect wherever a uniform soft light is required, while offering the exclusive property to glow on in the dark even when the lighting fixture hosting LUNA is switched off.

Like all photoluminescent objects, LUNA optical diffusers are “charged” and can be “recharged” by simple exposure to the natural or artificial light for few minutes. Specifically, as to LUNA optical diffusers, charging the photoluminescent crystals obviously occurs even and especially when the LED is on. Then, when the LED is off, LUNA shines in the dark for several hours. The photoluminescent glowing effect comes in two colors: green and blue.

How does LUNA actually glow-in-the-dark?

- LED in off position in daylight: Charging the aluminates
LUNA’s photoluminescent crystals absorb and store the light energy from ambient daylight.

- LED in on position in daylight or in darkness: Lighting, and charging the aluminates.
LUNA illuminates the environment while the LED light charges the photoluminescent crystals:
- High diffusion flux
- High luminous intensity
- Perfect uniform light distribution

- LED in off position in darkness: Emitting green (green crystals) or blue (blue crystals) soft light
In darkness, LUNA crystals re-emit the stored light energy by emitting a luminous light over six/eight hours, by gradually decreasing in intensity. Recharge LUNA in day-light or by switching on the LED.
- The soft light is diffused with a green or blue flux depending on the LUNA diffuser you are using.

The photoluminescence technology is based on phosphors derived from natural non-radioactive toxic-free and harmless rare earth mineral crystals that possess the unique capacity to absorb and store light energy from ambient light, natural or artificial. In darkness, the crystals begin to emit a luminous glow by releasing the stored light energy over a length of time, up to six/eight hours, by gradually decreasing in intensity.

The crystals or pigments used for the photoluminescent properties of LUNA, are selected and REACH Certified pigments, according to the European and American Standards for safety regulations.

The photoluminescence is a clean and renewable energy source, totally safe and harmless to the environment and humans.

LUNA optical diffusers are provided with special adaptors, customized for the individual models of the major HB COB LEDs. The adaptors allow for the interchangeability of the LUNA models on the same LED source.

The assembly method is unique and easy to use. No soldering or gluing is required. They allow immediate easy assembling of the diffuser onto the COB LED by a simple twist & lock system. The concept is very simple:
a) fasten the adaptor onto the PCB with two screws;
b) twist & lock LUNA onto the adaptor by a simple rotation.
LUNA optical diffusers are in compliance with Zhaga standards and fit most of the applications where COB LEDs are required.

- LUNA optical diffusers are sphere shaped -- 55 mm Ø -- realized in milky white PC, Optical Grade, specific for most popular HB COB LEDs. The upper hemisphere is photoluminescent treated, and the glowing effect is available in two colors: green and blue.
- The crystals/pigments used for LUNA’s photoluminescence properties are REACH Certified.
- Explosion proof, vapor proof, non-radioactive, non-toxic, harmless to the environment and humans;
- The presence of heavy metals is far below the statutory limits according to the European and US Standards for safety regulations covering products falling in high safety categories such as cosmetics and toys;
Easy fixing onto the COB LEDs by a simple twist & lock system
- Complying with Zhaga standards
- Complying with UL94 Specifications
- No vibration problems
- UV protected

- Any application in general lighting, indoor and dutdoor - step-marker - signalling, lamps - architectural lighting - any applications where a diffused soft lighting is requested.

LUNA optical diffusers deliver a double function:
- When they are lighted up in the final lighting application, they work like a typical lamp;
- When the lighting application hosting LUNA is switched off, then they glow on in the dark by emitting a soft colored light. The excellent glow-on-effects performed by LUNA make it a special innovation, an emotional object where LUNA and light are a single body shining in the dark.

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