Leedarson upgrades wirelessly-controlled smart lighting system

March 1, 2014
Leedarson's smart lighting system is a lighting system with a smart heart! With wireless control, Leedarson's smart lighting system is a wide network that can cover more than 200 lamps within 40 meters; it can provide a convenient lighting experience for you.

All in one solution

Under Wi-Fi control, we can change the CCT or luminance or control a light switch by remote controller or mobile device. By gateway, the smart lighting system can easily be controlled via web browser or iOS/ Android app.
Also, customers' existing fixtures and other application products could achieve smart control by our intelligent module.
Meanwhile, as a member of ZigBee, our products are compatible with most existing protocols, such as IEEE802.15.4 and JenNet-IP. The company has already realized mass production and the system is certified by CE, UL, and FCC.


LEEDARSON Lighting - Alina Luo