Illumis Lights' 360-degree glass LED T8 tubes emit 2100 lm

March 27, 2014
Illumis Lights’ 360-degree glass tube range is designed to revolutionize the LED tube market.

Unlike standard T8 tubes, we’ve used a glass construction with a unique internal powder coat, giving the closest-possible replication of traditional fluorescent tube lighting -- and making the range ideal for retrofits.

The 2ft and 4ft tubes also use less energy than fluorescents, emitting 2100 lumens at over 130 lumens per watt, and offer visual uniformity and better light quality than other LED tubes.

Lifetime is lengthened by a cooler operating temperature, of less than 62 degrees, and the innovative, no-joints design reduces the likelihood of moisture or dust contamination.

The lamp is in full production and available in both internal (IPS) and external (EPS) power supply versions. As with all Illumis Lights products, the tubes are CE and UL listed and comes with a warranty and full performance data from accredited third party laboratories.

About Illumis Lights:
Illumis Lights designs, manufactures and sells high-performance, quality-assured and independently-tested LED lighting fixtures to OEMs for private label and commercial buyers in the UK, continental Europe and North America. We offer outstanding value, attentive support and premium products at the cutting-edge of design and technology.


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