ERCO Tesis LED luminaires withstand in-ground lighting application challenges

March 13, 2014

ERCO Tesis LED: The benchmark in the outdoor area

Lüdenscheid. Emphasising the building character in a nocturnal setting, modelling architectural details and structuring the surroundings are among the central challenges of successful outdoor lighting. ERCO now presents the Tesis LED as a completely new generation of in-ground luminaires built on its established range to offer highly innovative and pioneering lighting tools. With their new, highly robust housing made of specialised extended glass-fibre reinforced polymers, the luminaires are fully corrosion-resistant and waterproof to IP68. Their innovative LED photometrics ensure excellent efficiency and diverse light distribution options to suit different lighting situations.

Robust and durable
In-ground luminaires require great stability and high-quality details because of their special installation situation and exposure to constantly changing weather conditions. ERCO therefore developed a housing for the new Tesis LED luminaires that is made of specialised extended glass-fibre reinforced polymers and makes the luminaire resistant to corrosion caused by moisture and to mechanical damage. A special capillary barrier prevents water from penetrating the luminaire through the cables and as a result from reducing its life. The Tesis LED additionally meets the standard required for luminaires that are driven over by vehicles: the in-ground luminaire can withstand a weight of up to 5 tons.

Flexible and uncomplicated
The standard of precision developed by ERCO over the years for the indoor area now carries over outdoors: Inside the sturdy housing, Tesis features precise photometrics that would meet even the complex requirements of museum lighting. Be it uniform wallwashing or accent lighting – Tesis guarantees efficient and reliable outdoor lighting based on innovative LED technology. Its range includes uniform lens wallwashers for applications such as façade lighting, along with point-light directional luminaires and wide-beam uplights for dramatic lighting effects on objects such as trees. As a wallwasher Tesis is a highly efficient tool for vertical illuminance and allows luminaires to be spaced up to 1.5 times the offset from the wall. With excellent glare control, the in-ground luminaires excels with a meticulously thought-out design and precise light distributions. The Tesis luminaires are available in round or square version to meet different architectural and lighting concepts. Their shallow recess depth ensures uncomplicated installation.

Technical features of ERCO Tesis LED

ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens system
Light distributions: Narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood, oval flood or wallwash
ERCO LED module: High-power LEDs on metal core PCB, light colours: warm white or neutral white, 3000 - 4000K
Protection mode: IP68
Control gear: Switchable or DALI dimmable
Housing: Specialised GRP polymer

About ERCO
The ERCO Light Factory in Lüdenscheid is a leading international specialist in architectural lighting using LED technology. The family business, founded in 1934, now operates with over 60 subsidiaries, branches and agencies all around the world. Working closely with architects, lighting designers and engineers, ERCO develops lighting tools for customised lighting solutions in architectural projects for culture and retail, work and hospitality, life and public buildings. ERCO understands light as the fourth dimension of architecture.




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