VS-P3 – The LED solution for general lighting

Feb. 7, 2008
Date Announced: 07 Feb 2008 A revolutionary LED-technology for improved light quality with two narrow colour-bins and high colour rendering combined with superior heat dissipation was developed by Panasonic Electric Works Group. This technology is now available in compact VS-P3 modules which are available as Spotlight version with 4 LEDs (47 mm diameter) and Downlight version with 8 LEDs (59 mm diameter).Typical applications are general lighting applications like built-in luminaires as reading lights, desk lights and downlights. This series is also suitable in applications were a high colour rendering index is necessary like merchandise illumination, art illumination and colour inspection.The VS-P3 modules offers further optimised properties for LED lighting as:• no binnings• ultra long lifetime 40,000 h• very high CRI: Ra ≈ 90• very homogeneous light spot• low energy consumption (8W/16W)• highly efficient, high brightness• compact design; new flat shape• RoHS-compliant


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