LEDdynamics LED Strip provides up to 200 lumens per foot

Feb. 27, 2008
Date Announced: 27 Feb 2008 Randolph, Vermont -- LEDdynamics announces the introduction of the 6014 Elara Strip, a low profile, compact, driver-on-board linear LED strip designed to replace fluorescent, neon and incandescent light sources in linear applications. The Elara Strip can be powered from 12Vdc or 24Vdc. On board 0-10V dimming makes the ElaraStrip versatile and can be used in both commercial and residential applications where the LED light source is required to interface with traditional dimming systems.Measuring 12” long by x 0.45” wide, the 6014 Elara Strip can be integrated into OEM fixtures and applications that traditionally use T5 fluorescent, CCFL, or Neon lighting. Providing a service life of 50,000 hours, the Elara Strips TCO is well below other technologies when labor and down time are calculated. Providing up to 200 lumens per foot, coupled with its low energy consumption of 3 watts per strip, OEM's can also reduce their R&D costs and accelerate time to market for new designs to address lighting standards such as Title 24 in California and new DOE requirements.On board connectors and driver on board technology allow for easy installation making the Elara Strip ideal for difficult to service lighting applications such as cove, handrail, and signage. To address the needs of Lighting Designers and specifiers, the Elara Strip is available in color temperatures ranging from warm white (2900K) to cool white (6500K). Offering CRI of 90, no UV or IR, and no projected heat the Elara Strip is more effective than conventional lighting for retail display, under shelf, and accent lighting.Applications Overview:• Direct view display lighting for retail • Up and down shelf lighting • Indirect view cove lighting and wall wash • Museum and exhibit display • Architectural, signage and handrail applications • Power supply UL listed for dry conditions (included at an additional cost)About LEDdynamicsLEDdynamics, Inc. is a provider of technology, services, and education that enables and accelerates the adoption of LEDs as a medium of illumination. LEDdynamics manufactures the LuxDrive and EverLED line of products, including drivers and light modules that make it easy to utilize LED technology.

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