Rebel Square printed circuit board is fresh thinking outside the Star

Feb. 8, 2008
Date Announced: 08 Feb 2008 Thailand - AsianSignals, manufacturers of LED electronics, has released a new product for mounting Luxeon Rebel LEDs.The Philips / Luxeon Rebel LED is a great product, however its use in small to medium projects may have been limited due to a lack of readily available boards available with which to mount them.AsianSignals has release its first of several FR4 copper clad Rebel board designs. This is the Rebel Square; a 12mm board that seats 3 Rebels in the most compact configuration possible. This is a two sided 3 ounce copper board with gold plating. Gold plating provides a smoother protective layer that is better for heat sinking.This product features a single captive mounting hole that is plated to participate in heat sinking. This is a superior approach over the notched methods of mounting that are most commonly used on Star and Star like products.This board is not based on the aluminum based sandwich design; the solder pads are insulated enough to function properly. You will not need to work with larger, hotter soldering irons and fight to solder wires to these pads. The pads are as easy to work with as any normal circuit board.This board is laid out so a user can in-line their circuits horizontally in series; all cathodes are on the left and all anodes are on the right. Wire them individually or in common cathode or command anode configuration as needed without complications. All circuits will bridge left to right and the results are a tidy wiring layout.The in-lined arrangement of the LEDs will assist those who wish into inject edges of plastic and glass. However, the pattern is only 12mm wide so its in-lining is not a penalty for those who want to create just a spot of color.This product is perfect for those who want to hand mount various colors of the Rebel for small and medium size projects. Larger scale customers can also pick and place board arrays of 100 for larger projects.We also provide identical 12mm template boards with small 1mm holes to assist in accurate drilling for LED arrays. You'll never miss a screw placement with this additional tool.Asian Signals is a American-managed Thai corporation operating in Northeastern Thailand. AS is a proponent of open LED architecture and caters to customers who prefer purchasing directly from manufacturers. We focus our development efforts in creating progressive and innovative LED equipment based on the assumption that the round light bulb never existed.

Keith Summers

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