Neo-Neon releases LED Street Light 180 with L-BOT™ technology

Feb. 18, 2008
Date Announced: 18 Feb 2008 Hong Kong, P.R. China – Neo-Neon™ International reaches the CIE Standards for expressway and traffic arterial roadways; applying WLED (White LED), 1Wx100Lm/Watt technology with the release of the LED Street Light 180 with L-BOT™ Technology.Neo-Neon™ International a public listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX 1868) announces yet another revolutionary breakthrough in the development of core LED Technologies relative to solid-state lighting (SSL).As a global leader in the advancement of LED technology Neo-Neon™ has invested considerable time, energy, and resources to meet the market demand for new high power applications of LED based SSL. Neo-Neon™ International (HK Ex 01868) introduces a new model in the LED High Power Streetlight Series with L-BOT™ Technology. The Neo-Neon™ LED High Power Streetlight 180 with LBOT™ technology comes on the heels of our successful completion of the 100Lm/W efficiency for our 1-Watt WLED (White LED). With 180 x 1W x 100Lm/W and the patented L-BOT reflector design the LED Street Light 180 provides a road surface lumens value of 11,000Lm at 12 meters.L-BOT™ technology is a new advanced optical reflector design and technique that shapes and directs the divergence of the fast axis of the LED to achieve the net effect of Lux boosting. L-BOT™ technology therefore enables the directing of light specifically to the intended surface to be illuminated in a direct manner. L-BOT™ technology and the net effect of 50% gain boost in Lux opens up even more areas of application to the new LED Street Lights L-BOT™ Series. This means that Neo-Neon™ and our leading team of researchers, engineers, and production management has produced a product that is congruent with the CIE Standards for expressway and traffic arterial roadways. This new development places Neo-Neon™ at the forefront “leadership position” of the street light luminaries industry. As energy costs continue to rise globally and the currency markets instability affects national, state, province and maniple government budgets the LED Street Light 180 offers an opportunity for relief. Due to the 67% power savings with the application of the Neo-Neon™ LED 180 Street light with L-BOT™ technology compared to the traditional high energy consuming 600W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Lamp governments can invest in their future energy savings today.Additional Technical Data Luminance @ 12M 21Lux(Average), 45Lux(max)Uniformity 0.48Lifetime up to 100,000 hoursLumens Depreciation 50,000 hours typicallyCCT Range 4500-7000K(As above)CCT (Optional) 3500K +/-500KThe LED Street Light 180 with L-BOT™ features and benefits include:• High energy efficiency • High power 1W High Power WLED (White LED)• 100Lm/W Efficiency • L-BOT™ Lumens Boosting Optical Technology• Fixture Separation 36-40M• Natural Convection (No fan)• Special Heat Pipe Thermal Management to maintain 56o C (LED Temperature)• Stainless Steel hardware• Specialized High Grade Powder Coating• IP 65 Rated• Direct to existing or new 100-240VAC wiring• RoHS WEEENeo-Neon™ is pleased to announce this revolution in LED, Optics Design, and Thermal Management with the LED Street Light 180 with L-BOT™ technology to the global market. With these achievements we believe that the future of our civilizations will be brighter due to the environmentally friendly nature of this product, and our relentless pursuit to apply LED as direct replacements to Lamp based, and dated, technology.

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