DynTest breaker model DB-6100 to speed up sapphire wafer separation

Feb. 22, 2008
Date Announced: 22 Feb 2008 Grassau (Germany) -- Increasing quantities and continuous price pressure, resulting in cost reduction programs, is driving the die size of photonics com-ponents, especially LEDs further down. Efficient die separation with very small compound semiconductor devices is becoming therefore more and more an issue.The advanced design of DynTest Technologies' break module is already able to break dies as small as 200 x 200 µm, even if relative thick in relation to their size. To extend this capability also to laser pre-scribed sapphire wafers of high bright LED’s, the break module has been substantially enhanced in force and cycle time, not only able to break the stronger material but also to increase the throughput. The new semi-automated breaker model DB-6100 will be also available as fully automated solution including cassette-to-cassette wafer handling.About DynTest TechnologiesDynTest Technologies GmbH specializes in Scriber/Breaker solutions for substrates used to manufacture electronics components, in particular based on III-V wafers. The product family offers extended process flexibility and repeatability to separate specific brittle materials. In addition to systems the company provides a dedicated range of consumables for scribing/breaking.

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