Albeo says fluorescents are out and LEDs are in

May 27, 2008
Date Announced: 27 May 2008 Broad Line of Fluorescent Replacement Fixtures for Industrial/Commercial Applications LaunchedBOULDER, CO—Albeo Technologies today announced a modular family of LED light fixtures that provide a upgrade solution for most industrial fluorescent lighting fixtures: High Bay, Low Bay, and Linear. Albeo’s new Constellation™ line brings the benefits of LED technology, including efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness, to millions of industrial and commercial customers across a broad range of segments, including retail, warehousing, data centers, manufacturing, and other lighting applications.The Constellation line of high bay, low bay, and heavy duty linear fixtures joins Albeo’s previously announced T8LED™ line of troffer fixtures and retrofit kits to provide a complete fluorescent upgrade lighting portfolio. According to Tracy Earles, VP marketing, fluorescent used to be the best technology for industrial applications, but LED is now the most logical choice. Recent improvements in LED technology have opened a window to more energy efficient, environmentally-friendly, and maintenance-free lighting solutions. “But LEDs ran up against thermal limitations. Now Albeo has fixed those with our patent-pending TEMPR™ technology. TEMPR thermal technology enables LEDs to run cooler, brighter, and last longer, so that our fixtures can compete directly with fluorescent and even high intensity discharge fixtures.” Albeo is the first LED fixture manufacturer to make an LED high-bay fixture that is as bright or brighter than many high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) systems. “We’re an LED company going after every type of fluorescent lighting fixture,” said Earles. “We’ve made LED high-bays, low-bays, linears, and troffers, with versions brighter than 20,000 lumens. We’ll eventually need to get to 40,000 lumens to displace all HID fixtures — and we know how to get there. It’s only a short matter of time.”Albeo Technologies is showing its family of fluorescent replacement LED fixtures, including high-bay, low-bay, linear and troffer, at Lightfair International. Albeo Technologies Inc. manufactures high quality, long-lasting solid-state lighting products for commercial and industrial facilities that save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and are safe and easy to install. Based on advanced electro-optic technologies, Albeo’s reliable lighting fixtures provide superior performance at lower costs than competing technologies. Albeo’s management team has decades of experience in solid-state product development and manufacturing, and continues to deliver new products that enable users to better control their total operating costs. For more information, product briefs, and specifications, visit or call toll-free +1 (866) 825-5420.

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