American DJ Develops Breakthrough X-Move LED Moving Head

May 15, 2008
Date Announced: 15 May 2008 X-Citing Move!American DJ Develops Breakthrough X-Move LED Moving HeadWith 20-Watt White LED That Can Project Gobos & ColorsLOS ANGELES – American DJ has unveiled a revolutionary new kind of intelligent moving head powered by a mega-watt LED. The company’s new X-Move LED utilizes one super-size 20-watt white LED to create a brawny beam that’s powerful enough to project gobo patterns and colors across floors, walls and ceilings.Comparable to a 250W halogen lamp in output, the X-Move LED’s whopper LED beam shines through the fixture’s color and gobo wheels to create stunning images and patterns that look like they were produced by a traditional halogen or discharge effect. Yet, although the X-Move LED’s effects are indistinguishable from a conventional moving head to the eye, the unit offers the benefits and ease of LED technology, such as a long 50,000-hour rated lamp life and a low power draw. At a mere 44W, it consumes just a fraction of the energy of a traditional 250W effect! In addition to saving energy, this lets you hook up more units on a single electrical circuit.The X-Move LED is also much smaller than a typical 250W effect, weighing only 10 lbs. and standing just 12.5” high. The fixture’s compact size allows it to fit virtually anywhere, even in the tightest spaces, and makes it easily transportable for bands, traveling productions and mobile entertainers. “There are a lot of new LED lighting effects coming on the market, but the X-Move LED is a truly unique technological breakthrough that will take moving heads to the next level,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. “It doesn’t just create colored LED beams, it actually produces a hard-edge white 20W beam that’s powerful enough to project through color and gobo wheels and send images and beams around the room, just like a traditional halogen or discharge moving head. So essentially you’re getting the same type of effects, but with a big edge in performance, convenience and portability because of the unit’s LED technology.”Like any high-quality moving head effect, the X-Move LED has separate color and gobo wheels, allowing users to create a wide variety of exciting visual images. In total, there are 8 colors plus white, and 8 gobos plus spot. The feature-loaded fixture also includes a Gobo Scroll Mode, Gobo Shake Effect and Variable Strobe Effect, as well as 0-100% electronic dimming – all of which are DMX controllable.Equipped with 6 DMX channels, the X-Move LED can also be run without a controller in Sound Active and Master/Slave modes. It features built-in programs, capable of producing an effortless, eye-popping light show in the stand-alone Sound Active mode. A convenient 4-button menu system with a bright LED display makes it easy for users to operate the X-Move LED. Another handy feature is Auto X-Y repositioning, which will automatically return the fixture to its original position if it’s accidentally bumped or jarred.Because its LED lamp generates very little heat, the X-Move LED can run continuously all night long with no duty cycles. The cool operating temperature also means entertainers can pack up immediately after the show, without having to wait for a cool down period.The X-Move LED features a 14° beam angle and is capable of wide, sweeping room coverage with 540° pan and 270° tilt. It uses high-quality stepper motors for smooth, fast, fluid movements. The compact unit measures 8”L x 7.5”W x 12.5”H and weighs just 10 lbs. The MSRP of the X-Move LED is $899.95.To see the X-Move LED in action, click on link below:

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