Luxeon Rebel enables highly efficient modules for recessed lighting

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-- LUXEON Rebel Enables Highly Efficient Modules for Building Solid-State Recessed Lighting
-- New Fortimo downlight modules can cut energy consumption in half

LIGHTFAIR, Las Vegas, Nevada — New, highly efficient solid-state lighting solutions for the general lighting market are now available with the North American debut of Philips Fortimo and Lexel downlight modules using LUXEON Rebel power LEDs. Both modules, with accompanying thermal and power systems, enable lighting OEMs to quickly and easily equip the architectural and specification communities with complete white and tunable downlight solutions. Fortimo modules can potentially reduce energy consumption by as much as 50% compared to CFL and Lexel modules can deliver perfectly controllable illumination.

The Fortimo DLM 1100 uses 18 royal-blue LUXEON Rebel LEDs and a remote phosphor lens at the top of a mixing chamber to create a white-light module delivering 1100 lumens of light output with an efficiency of 62 lm/W. A second version of the Fortimo module delivers 2000 lm at 45 lm/W. Initially introduced with a 4000K correlated color temperature, the use of different remote phosphor lenses allows for the possibility of additional white CCT options in the future.

By using royal-blue LUXEON Rebel LEDs, the Fortimo solutions maximize the photonic energy directed at the remote phosphor lens. Careful matching of the wavelength of the LEDs to the characteristics of the phosphor in turn maximizes the light output and efficacy of the module. The small 44mm x 82mm x 83mm Fortimo footprint allows the modules to be integrated with a wide variety of reflector solutions used in downlights.

LUXEON Rebel also lights the tunable white LEXEL DLM-1000 module, which is also designed for downlight luminaires. The Lexel DLM delivers 1000 lm of light that and a tunable white-point between 2700K-6500K with excellent consistency and a CRI ³ 80.

Both the Fortimo and Lexel downlight modules are made possible by the small size and high flux of LUXEON Rebel LEDs. The Fortimo DLMs also utilize the ability of LUXEON Rebel to be driven at currents from 350 mA to 1000 mA so that usable light can be maximized and system design simplified

These new products demonstrate Philips’ commitment to providing the lighting market with products ranging from LEDs to SSL modules to complete luminaires enabling the development of solid-state lighting that uses less energy and is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

About Philips Lumileds

Philips Lumileds is the world's leading provider of power LEDs for everyday lighting applications. The company's recent records for light output, efficacy and thermal management are direct results of the ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting technology and enabling lighting solutions that are more environmentally friendly, help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the need for power plant expansion. Philips Lumileds' LUXEON LEDs are enabling never before possible applications in the general lighting, automotive, digital imaging, display, and signage markets. More information about the company's LUXEON® LED products and solid-state lighting technologies can be found at

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