Zero maintenance lighting for rigs from Dialight

May 9, 2008
Date Announced: 09 May 2008 In the first installation of its kind LED-based illumination has been retro-fitted on a drilling rig of a major oil and natural gas producer. With its rugged solid state design Dialight’s SafeSite illumination fixture can deliver significant value for hazardous location customers whether in new installations or retro-fitted, offering energy saving and improved safety over other systems while delivering the same amount of useful light. SafeSite offers the additional benefit that it requires no maintenance and is warranted for at least five years – in fact Dialight expects each one to last up to 100,000 operating hours.Dialight’s SafeSite illumination fixture was selected for this particular test installation as it has been specially designed to operate in the harsh and hazardous environment of drilling rigs where vibration is the major cause of failure for traditional light sources such as metal halide and high pressure sodium. As a solid-state device with a very robust housing designed to UL Class 1 Division 2 standards, it is virtually impervious to shock and vibration, making expensive re-lamping costs a thing of the past not only for rigs, but also for refineries, oil platforms, chemical plants and other hazardous locations. Safety for maintenance workers is also an important issue on a rig, so LEDs’ long lifespan reduces the exposure risk associated with traditional lamp and ballast replacement. Their low voltage and low operating temperatures also make them much safer for use in combustible atmospheres as well as in extreme temperatures or in wet-wash locations where conventional lamps would shatter under sudden temperature changes.The energy efficient SafeSite delivers substantial energy savings in two ways. The 100-watt SafeSite fixture can replace traditional HID fixtures that require up to 250 watts for potential power savings of up to 60%. In addition, these T4 and T5 rated LEDs do not require a warm-up period and can be operated as “instant-on”, so as safety lights they can be used as needed, rather than wasting energy on 24/7 lighting when not required, allowing for even further savings over HID sources. Another attraction of SafeSite is that it utilises the latest LED technology with proprietary optics to focus the light efficiently so that it illuminates only the required area. “The drilling rig owner is already extremely happy with this test installation,” says Doug Woehler, Dialight’s hazardous location lighting product manager “and we’re getting plenty of enquiries for more, so it’s clear that customers can see the real benefits that SafeSite can bring to this type of environment.”

For more information contact: Doug Woehler, Dialight Corporation, Farmingdale, NJ; Tel. 732-919-3119; email: [email protected]

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