From Russia with Main Light

May 5, 2008
Date Announced: 05 May 2008 Wilmington, DE: Located inside Moscow's historic Kremlin, the State Kremlin Palace is a venue for concerts, ballet, and opera performances. Built in 1961, it was conceived both as a venue for governmental gatherings. Today, the space is home to the Kremlin Ballet and often used for concerts, and while the Bolshoi Theatre is under renovation, the temporary home for the Bolshoi Ballet. The vast auditorium can seat up to 6,000, making it the largest concert hall in Russia. Main Light understands the demands of such a busy venue and was honored when the Kremlin Palace chose the Main Light Soft-LED® panels to highlight productions in its historic auditorium.Jakob Sagiv, of Silk, the Main Light® Industries, Inc. distributor based in Utrecht, Netherlands handled the sale and installation of 14 Main Light Soft-LED Medium Resolution panels. Each of the panels measures 16' 1" high (4.90 m) x 33' 5" wide (10.09 m) and weighs in at .21 lbs per sq ft (.008 kg per sq/m.). “The Kremlin Palace is the only building which was added to the Kremlin complex in the 20th century,” says Sagiv. “It was used as the main stage for the Communist conferences during the Soviet times and is still used for all the indoor concerts of major artists. The stage is vast and the sightlines are very good so it is suitable for music and ballet.” Giovanni Ciranni, Soft-LED Manager with Main Light Industries traveled to Moscow to aid in the installation and to provide training on the use of the Soft-LED panels. “Moscow was a great place to visit and everyone at the State Palace was very eager to add the panels to their inventory,” comments Ciranni. The only real challenge for Ciranni, Sagiv and the crew from Silk, was actually getting the panels into the theatre. “The hardest part was to get the equipment into the Kremlin complex past all the security,” explains Sagiv, “We had to wait nearly five hours until the sniffer dog and its handler arrived to inspect the delivery before we could get into the building and onstage.” All the security of the Kremlin simply reminded Ciranni of the historic nature of the venue, “It was great to get the opportunity to work in a space that has seen so much history, not just the State Palace but the entire complex. It is cool to think that Main Light will now be part of that going forward.”In fact, history was the focus of the very first uses of the Soft-LED panels at the Kremlin State Palace. They were designed into the 75th Anniversary celebration for the state aircraft industry, builders of the first Sputnik rockets and MiG planes. The panels were also highlighted at an annual concert, where some of the best known Russian performers entertained dignitaries including President Putin. “The Kremlin Palace always knew that the Soft-LED panels would be ideal as scenic elements for a range of performances,” points out Sagiv. “They chose the Main Light products because they were convinced that this product best met their specifications. They were shown a number of options but Main Light won on ease of use, speed of assembly, and resolution. The customer has told us that they are very pleased with the Soft-LED panels and have now even learned how to create their own content with the media server.”Soft-LED is a dynamic drapery based on solid-state illumination technologies and control systems. Made of high-quality 22oz. Encore IFR black drapery and Color Kinetics’ proven solid-state illumination technologies arranged into a grid of tri-color RGB LED nodes. Each of these nodes is driven by Chromasic® technology—a custom designed microprocessor, integrating power, communications and control technology. Main Light Soft-LED breaks down to a compact, lightweight unit that fits in a single road case. The power/data supplies and controllers are also cleanly integrated into compact road cases ready to plug and play. The entire Soft-LED system is delivered fully operational and ready to hang so it is functional in no time.Main Light® Industries, Inc. has been serving the professional entertainment industry for over 25 years with state-of-the-art dynamic and versatile products including Lightscape® fiber optic drapes, Soft-LED®, Hard-LED™, and Soft-LED/Scrim™ LED drapery product lines and their recently introduced Soft-Motion® system that can raise and lower drape products quickly and quietly. In addition to products that Main Light designs and manufactures, it is also a full service lighting production company serving a variety of clients including theatre, corporate, events, schools, touring, and television.

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