Articulux Light Panels enable the art of light

April 30, 2008
Date Announced: 30 Apr 2008 Articulux™ thin film lighting empowers Lighting Designers,Architects, and Product Engineers to add form to light, and include green design criteria in their work. The degrees of freedom for Lighting Designer’s include size, shape, choice of LED color, placement and density. Single or multi-circuit designs allow a variety of color temperature and hue options. This is truly the Designer’s choice for a fresh look in lighting design and impact.Articulux™ Light Panels can be powered by either a DC supply or LEDdrivers. Articulux™ provides advice on driving these panels, and weinvite inquiries. The adaptable form of Articulux™ is from a two inch (50 mm) bend radius, and the products have been tested from -40F to +165F, with higher temperature options available. Please consult the Articulux™ Design Line at 860.269.3243 for confidential discussions of your design concepts.Articulux™ is cost effective. Our approach to “wide area lighting” isto use the LEDs at their optimum efficacy, without over-driving them,and wasting energy in heat.

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