Sharp introduces Strong2 LCD with LED backlight

April 11, 2008
Date Announced: 11 Apr 2008 Through heat management especially developed by Sharp, the fully industry-compatible, 10.4-inch TFT display combines the benefits of LED backlights with high temperature resistance and resilience.With the introduction of the new 10.4-inch display LQ104V1DG62, Sharp presents a fully industry-compatible TFT LCD with LED backlight for the first time. Like all displays in the Strong2 series from Sharp, the new industry display from Sharp is also characterised by extreme resilience. The special housing design means that the new industry TFT LCD withstands accelerations of up to 14.7 m/s² in the range of 57 – 500 kHz during the vibration test. In the standard impact test, the display can withstand impacts with acceleration values of up to 490 m/s² without damage when switched off.Furthermore, Sharp has designed the housing specifically for the LED backlight and equipped it with dedicated heat management: Heat conductors transport the dissipation heat of the LEDs to the rear outer side of the panel where it can be easily given off into the environment. Like all the other displays in the series, the new LED backlight variant of the proven Strong2 LCDs therefore fulfils the full industry specification with an operating temperature of -30°C to 80°C and a lifecycle of 50,000 hours. With conventional LCDs with LED backlight, it is frequently only the CCFL cartridge that is replaced with an insert fitted with LEDs that is unable to give off the heat into the environment easily. Compared to the CCFL variant, conventional LCDs with LED backlight are therefore mostly designed for an operating temperature limited to the upper range and have a shortened lifecycle.The LQ104V1DG62, however, combines the high resilience required of industrial applications with the benefits of a LED backlight. These include, among others, the prompt response characteristics of the LEDs even at very low temperatures and excellent dimmability over the entire brightness range of the LEDs. A special anti-reflection coating reduces light reflexes of the incidental light. The new TFT LCD is thus particularly suitable where tough application conditions meet rapidly changing light conditions, e.g. in outdoor areas for forest, farming and construction machinery and in transport.Another important advantage of the LED backlight is the low-volt operating voltage. This means that the high-voltage converter required for CCFL lamps is no longer necessary. The consequence: reduced system complexity and the new Sharp industry LCD can ideally be used where high voltage is not required, e.g. in areas where there is a risk of explosion. These usually include production sites where large quantities of dust occur such as flour-processing firms or where easily inflammable liquids are handled, e.g. in the petrochemicals industry.With the Strong2 series, Sharp is one of the few manufacturers to offer liquid crystal displays that are particularly specified for industrial applications. With the new LQ104V1DG62, the Strong2 product range incorporates a total of 12 models with screen diagonals of 8.4 inches, 10.4 inches and 12.1 inches. Further models with LED backlight are already in development.AvailabilitySamples of the new LQ104V1DG62 are available immediately from Sharp sales offices and distribution partners in Europe. The start of series production is planned for the 2nd quarter of 2008.Specifications: LQ104V1DG62Display size 10.4 inch / 26.4 cmResolution 640×RGB×480Dimensions (wxhxd) 246.5 ×179.4 × 12.0 mmLuminance 450cd/m2Contrast 600:1Colours 262,144 coloursTemperature range -30 to 80°CVibration resistance 14.7 m/s²Shock resistance 490 m/s²Interface CMOS, 18-bit data signal (6bit/colour)Supply voltage +3.3V/5.0V DC

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