Labsphere’s fluorescent spectral lamp measurement system evaluates lamp efficiency

April 11, 2008
Date Announced: 11 Apr 2008 -- Custom designed to measure several properties of light output on wide variety of lampsNorth Sutton, New Hampshire – Energy efficient lighting is the goal of many lamp manufacturers, departments of energy and lighting engineers. Labsphere’s Fluorescent Spectral Lamp Measurement Systems (FSLMS) facilitate accurate photometric and electrical characterization with application-specific, turnkey systems that evaluate lamp efficiency, with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable results. The system’s 2 meter lamp measurement integrating sphere accommodates light sources positioned base up, base down, or longitudinally, to easily and efficiently measure virtually any lamp type, including fluorescents up to 48 inches in length. One stationary hemisphere and one on an easy to open slide rail track allows light sources to be quickly switched in and out during testing. The integrated TE cooled CCD spectrometer evaluates lamp photometric and colorimetric performance by measuring Total Spectral Flux, Luminous Flux, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Color Rendering Index (CRI), and Chromaticity.The FSLMS includes software controlled AC and DC power supplies to allow for measurement of fluorescent, compact fluorescent, and incandescent lamps. A wide range of screw base and G type lamp sockets are available to hold several sizes of tubular and compact fluorescent lamps including compact fluorescents with and without electronic ballasts. The integrated system from Labsphere is contained in an ergonomically designed workstation. Testing and measurement are run by Labsphere’s user-friendly application-specific control software. A single screen guides the user through all lamp measurement procedures, continually reporting all spectral energy distribution and color data on the test lamp. On-screen graphics clearly display spectral flux vs. wavelength, on a CIE chromaticity diagram with the measured chromaticity. Labsphere’s experienced engineering staff is able to specifically address the unique needs of each customer, designing a custom FSLMS that addresses the most minute application details. To speak to an applications engineer, send an e-mail to [email protected] or phone +1 (603) 927-4266.Part of the global Halma group of technology companies, Labsphere ( is a world leader world leader in light testing and measurement, and diffuse optical coatings. The company’s products include LED, laser and traditional light source light measurement systems; uniform light sources for imaging device calibration; spectroscopy accessories; and high diffuse reflectance materials and coatings for applications in backlit panel displays, computed radiography, and system calibration. Their expertise has resulted in multiple patents in areas such as methods for testing LED dies on a wafer and UV transmittance.# # #

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