Semicon-Optronics launched Boost / Step-up LED Constant Current Driver

April 9, 2008
Date Announced: 09 Apr 2008 Semicon-Optronics Channel Corp. (SOC Corp.) recently launches a compact constant current driver, HPD009B series, for High Power LEDs. It is a boost/step-up driver for keeping driven current in constant level to LEDs.HPD009 is designed for input voltage of 12V DC/AC. It can drive maximum 8 HB LEDs at 700mA in series connection. HPD009 is one of the best constant current sources for LED applications, such as automotive, general lighting, residential lighting and solar lighting purpose. The dimension of HPD009 is 45.2mm(L) x 25.2mm(W) x 25mm(H). The compact design allows HPD009 to be placed in small lighting fixture. In addition, the output current of HPD009 is adjustable, which provides users with a simply dimmable feature. Easy to use and install is the key to HPD009 series.HPD009B Features:Input voltage/current: 12VAC/5A or 12VDC/5AOutput voltage: 16VDC – 30VDCOutput current: 350~700mA (Current adjustable)Size: 45.2mm(L) x 25.2mm(W) x 25mm(H)Other drivers' information: Semicon-Optronics Channel Corp. (SOC Corp.)SOC Copr. is one of the most professional LED manufactures in the market. We provide customers with one-stop services in LED and HB LED applications such as, HB LED Drivers, HB LED/LED Modules, HB LED/LED Lightings and LED Automotive Bulbs, etc.

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