Marlow low-profile Planar TEC cools detectors, drives cost down

April 29, 2008
Date Announced: 29 Apr 2008 Dallas, TX- Marlow Industries, Inc. the world leader in high quality thermoelectric solutions announced the release of the new Planar TEC (patent pending), designed to replace the traditional multistage thermoelectric cooler used for infrared, CCD and other detectors. The Planar TEC packs multistage device performance into one plane resulting in a very low profile multistage TEC. The size alone is a market first in thermoelectric technology, but the new Planar TEC offers additional benefits. The unique design drives manufacturing costs down and allows Marlow to offer high performance modules at a fraction of the cost. In some cases, the Planar TEC offers a 30 percent cost reduction over standard multistage TEC Modules. “This disruptive technology creates a paradigm shift in multistage TECs and automates certain production processes. The Planar TEC’s profile will also give the engineer flexibility in low cost packaging,” comments David Finfrock, Sr. Sales Engineer for Marlow Industries. A three-stage Planar TEC equals and often improves upon the thermal performance of the traditional pyramid shape at one-third the height. The sleek design also slides easily into a vacuum enclosure, reducing the need for custom design packaging. The concept, patented by Marlow’s R&D team and developed in cooperation with the Electro Optics Center at Pennsylvania State University, addresses the need for low cost, compact designs in the infrared detector market.Many infrared detectors require cooling to the 180K–250K range, ideal for thermoelectric devices. The TEC also boasts an inexpensive, size conscious and more reliable thermal solution compared to traditional cryogenic cooling methods. “We expect even greater use for this product as Marlow’s customers in various industries converge on the need for high performance in a compact, inexpensive design,” said Bob Davis, Global Sales Director for Marlow Industries.The Planar TEC is available for production today. For technical data on the Planar TEC, please visit To request a personalized quote and lead times, contact [email protected].

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