Vossloh Schwabe LEDs – Brighter, Lower Energy Consumption, Higher Colour Rendering Index

April 3, 2008
Date Announced: 03 Apr 2008Our range of LED systems contains many new solutions for visitors to discover: from high-brightness modules, through VS-P3 down- and spotlights with nearly true-to-life colour rendering, right up to flexible LED modules that are four times brighter than conventional LEDs. In addition, we will also be presenting a number of new developments that further validate our leading.New Brightness: VS LED Lighting-Module with Cree XR-EVS has opted for the latest XR-E LEDs of the US-American manufacturer Cree Inc. for its LED lighting modules. Brightness levels of 100 lm are achieved at only 1.3 W per LED.In addition, VS offers a narrow brightness and chromaticity location selection both for cool and warm white LED light. Thanks to various control options with VS constant current sources (350, 500, 700 and 1,050 mA), the possibilities for LED lighting applications have become limitless. The modules are of circular or linear design and available in single or triple versions and as a LEDLine version with 12 light points. The integration of various optics rounds off Vossloh-Schwabe´s product suite. VS-P3 Down- and Spotlights: The LED Solution for General Lighting ApplicationsIn cooperation with the Panasonic Electric Works group, the Vossloh-Schwabe subsidiary can now offer an innovative LED technology that guarantees improved light quality with two narrowly defined chromaticity locations (instead of countless colour bins), a high colour rendering index and excellent heat dissipation properties. This technology is available in the form of the new VS-P3 modules, which are marketed in a spotlight version with four LEDs (47mm diameter) and a downlight version with 8 LEDs (59mm diameter).Typical areas of use include general lighting applications like reading and desk lights or ceiling-recessed fixtures. In addition, this product range is highly suitable in areas that demand a high colour rendering index like shop lighting or illumination for objets d´art. VS-P3 modules moreover provide the following additionally optimised properties:no colour binnings40,000-hour service lifevery high colour rendering index of Ra » 90highly homogeneous light spotlow energy consumption (8W/16W)very efficient high brightnessnew compact, flat design Four Times Brighter: LEDLine Flex High BrightnessThe product family of the well-known LEDLine Flex SMD modules has now been extended by a High Brightness model. Equipped with LEDs with a power uptake of 0.5 W, this flexible module is available in white, warm white, red, green and blue. With a lumen output for White of up to 540 lm/m, it is four times as bright as the conventional version.With a maximum operating length of 5 m, this module is the longest on the market within its output class. The LEDLine Flex SMD High Brightness module can, for instance, be used for furniture and architectural as well as for entertainment and shop lighting.Bright Lights for Display Cases: SpotLight 12 VThe 12 V SpotLight is an optimised product that is currently being developed for display case lighting and is specifically designed to provide a replacement for low-voltage white halogen luminaires. The integrated constant current control enables direct connection to 12 V DC and AC voltage sources. Provided the minimum load is observed, electronic AC voltage converters are also suitable for the SpotLight model.Contacts are effected using two pins designed for use with GX5.3 lampholders. Typical applications include installation in luminaires, furniture lighting as well as shop and display case lighting. Life in Full Colour: LEDLine RGB PushThe LEDLine RGB Push is particularly suitable for installation in furniture to provide simple colour accents. The LEDLine RGB Push module is an RGB module with an integrated on-board colour control unit that removes the need to use an external colour control module. The micro-controller stores a pre-programmed colour sequence. By connecting a conventional push-button, the colour sequence can be started and paused and the speed of the colour sequence can be adjusted. The master circuit board can be connected to a maximum of two slaves which replicate the master colour sequence.Simply Better: High-Power 24 V RGB/CA SystemThe new High-Power 24 V RGB/CA system enables modular and highly flexible LED systems. The new system responds to the trend towards market harmonisation and simplification of LED control technology. The modules require a 24 V DC operating voltage. Constant current control is effected via the circuit board and permits currents of up to 500 mA per LED. The modules are connected via an on-board push-in connector with matching connection cables. The RGB system is based on the common anode system, which enables mixed operation of high-power RGB modules and low-power modules that are designed according to the common anode principle. The high currents of high-performance LEDs used in the system result in brightness levels of up to 390 lm during RGB operation. Typical application areas for the High-Power 24 V RGB/CA system include:general lightinginstallation in luminairesarchitectural lightinglighting for artentertainmentshop lighting

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