P1L provides future of full color light control under a touch of a finger

April 30, 2008
Date Announced: 30 Apr 2008 The P1L is unique, finger-touch DMX controller for full-color LED systems. It integrates a wall switch, full color 32 bit regulator, dimmer and a programmable DMX central unit. All this under a simple touch of a finger. The P1L can generate over 4 billion of colors on 4 channel full color lamps.How it worksNo other light controller on the market offers so simple regulation and immediate use. To regulate the light, just touch briefly the colored area and light will change to the color you have selected. You can also modify the tonality of the white color by touching the white area in a proximity of the pure colors. Once you trim the color, you can point to the dimmer area to reduce the amount of light.The P1L has four program switches. You can memorize four different light settings, or recall four dynamic light show programs created on a PC. Up to nine P1L can be connected to the same DMX network, and control together all lights connected to.The P1L implements OpenDMX protocol for supervising and program download. It is fully compatible with standard DMX512A protocol driving all 512 channels with 44 frames per second. When configured in high speed mode, up to 333 frames per second can be obtained offering perfect, smooth light regulation.The P1L has the European Patent pending.Applications• Clubs & Discotheques• Hotels• Yachts• Lofts and fancy apartments• SPA & Chromo-therapy• Boutiques and shops• Theaters• Scene effects• All color applications where real-time, immediate light manual regulation is neededSpecifications• Over 4 billion of colors supported• Dimmer 0…255 levels• White color control from warm to cold white• Advanced color regulation algorithm build in• Light Smoothing filter• Low voltage power supply: 9…28VDC or 8…24VAC, 0.12W• Fully isolated 1.5kV DMX driver• Full compatibility with DMX512A and bidirectional OpenDMX 1.0 specifications• DMX network operating modes: 3 channels RGB, 4 channels RGBY, 4 channels RGBW and 8 channels RGB0• 64/512 bytes frame support• 44/333 Hz DMX refresh rate• 32KB of free user memory space for dynamic light show programs• Up to 9 devices on the same DMX network• Fits to all standard wall applications• Three different versions: Full color, Warm white and 4 channel dimmer available• Manufactured in EUTo know more about P1L: www.luxitalia.euCopyright © 2008 LUX Italia – All rights reserved. LUX Italia is registered trademark of Phoenix Service – Milan - Italy

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