The Fox Group Inc. Signs 2nd License for its Silicon Carbide patents

July 15, 2008
Date Announced: 15 Jul 2008 Montréal, CANADA, July 15, 2008 --- The Fox Group Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of a second non-exclusive license agreement for patents related to silicon carbide. This license, to a US corporation, follows on the license signed two months ago with a European company. "Fox Group is pleased to sign a second license for key patents relating to silicon carbide," said Mr. Barney O’Meara, President and CEO of Fox Group. "This license provides further validation of the importance of our patents, especially for silicon carbide with a low level of micropipes and dislocations.” O’Meara continued, “We cannot divulge details of this second license agreement, except to say that it is non-exclusive and includes sales-based royalties. We continue to offer rights to our IP portfolio to silicon carbide manufacturers worldwide, and we expect to conclude further license agreements in the near future.”Low defect density silicon carbide is starting to be used in the production of top-performance power semiconductor devices, such as MOSFETs, HEMTs, JFETs, BJTs, and Schottky barrier and PIN diodes for applications such as power control and correction (inverters, converters, etc.). While the RF, optoelectronics, and detector markets can currently make do with higher defect levels, all silicon carbide manufacturers are working to produce better and better material. The silicon carbide-based electronic devices market is projected to exceed $1 Billion annually within five years. Fox Group anticipates that eventually all silicon carbide will have low defect levels and thus fall within the claims of Fox Group’s key patents on silicon carbide material. About The Fox Group Inc. Founded in 1999, Fox Group is a privately held US corporation with a wholly owned subsidiary in Montreal, Canada, devoted to production of FoxUV™ LEDs having peak wavelengths of 350-365nm, to replace mercury-containing UV lamps and to enable numerous new applications.

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