Andromeda turns the light on Beijing - Klubb Rouge opens a new dimension for Murano glass

July 10, 2008
Date Announced: 10 Jul 2008 -- A new vision of light push back the frontier between art and design.Andromeda, with the accent on artistic and technological research, is extending the expressive potential of hand worked glass. Beijing is the latest chapter in this mission, where a new lounge bar is going to animate the Olympic nights in the Chinese capital. The Klubb Rouge is inspired by the modern architectural and cultural dimensions of Beijing. Bearing the signature of French designer Imaad Rahmouni.On the attic floor of the new China View Complex, the 1400 m² bar is in one of the hotspots of the city's nightlife. Interpreting the ‘mood’ of the environment in terms of architecture and design, the heart of the project is an Andromeda light sculpture. A sophisticated blend between the forms of Chinese tradition and the new spirit of the city, it represents the contemporary visual projection of the vibrant Chinese growth. A decorative lighting creation with unprecedented technical and aesthetic characteristics - 650 irregular Murano glass spheres, blown and shaped by hand and arranged on four rows of 22 cascades each for a total of 88 (in respect of Chinese numerology in which 8 is a lucky number). A presence which takes up a total surface area of 82 square metres and is the characterising feature of the bar, becoming its iconographic and identifying element. 2200 kg of hanging glass and steel, characterised by exclusive hand workmanship combined with latest generation lighting technology - 8000 LEDs and 250 spots powered by fibre optics provide diffuse atmospheric lighting. The red colour which characterises the concept of the lounge is the absolute star of the work. The spheres have a different intensity and transparency according to the thickness and size of the glass.Modelled individually, throughout the vibrant length of the work, the spheres are reflected in a steel plate which reflects and expands the chromatic effect from the top to the bottom. The light stimulates a captivating three dimensional effect, contributing to creating an experience of immersion in the colour red. The project is completed by seven chandeliers with fluid shapes, again in hand worked red glass, and six spectacular floor lamps leading to one of the Klubb Rouge's most exclusive rooms, the lounge privé. A large window characterises the main side of the Klubb Rouge, allowing guests to glimpse the city's skyline through a semi-transparent curtain.On the opposite side to the window, the internal lighting is animated by a "mur à bougies" (wall of candles) that sparkle and play with the warm red shades of the chandeliers to diffuse a voluptuous yet intangible atmosphere reminiscent of lights on a horizon.The project's design speaks an international language and makes the Klubb Rouge the ideal place for both business customers and the growing clientele of Chinese looking for a refined atmosphere. Perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy the Beijing night from the top floor of one of its new skyscrapers. Materials: opaque grey resin on the floors, gloss and varnished paint on the walls (to create a more fluid reflection of the warm light of the candles) and red mirrors on the bathroom walls.Furnishings: all items of furniture are designed by Imaad Rahmouni Offshore. The main materials used include leather in beige and light brown (with fur drapes thrown casually over all the sofas and armchairs) and lacquered wood (MDF). The latter is used for all the larger fittings, from the doors to the impressive mur à bougies (an enormous wooden panel in which rectangular niches house a large number of candles arranged in an irregular geometric pattern). All elements produced in China, with the exception of the lights designed and made in Andromeda's Murano glassworks where the entire process from creative research to the development of technical and production solutions took place. Klubb Rouge - China View Complex - R Floor, Blk3GongTi Dong Lu Road, Chaoyang District,

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