Future Lighting Solutions offers first linear optic for Luxeon Rebel LEDs

July 31, 2008
Date Announced: 31 Jul 2008 -- Saves Time, Expense & Space by Enabling One Optic to Handle Multiple LEDs MONTREAL, CANADA - Future Lighting Solutions announced today the availability of the new Linear Optic 210 from Polymer Optics Limited designed specifically for linear arrays of LUXEON Rebel LEDs. The new optic, developed in collaboration with Future Lighting Solutions, eliminates the need to assemble and glue individual optics to each LED. A single optic is easily affixed to a linear array of LEDs already assembled on a PCB board, resulting in fast, low-cost assembly that reduces the footprint required for the LED lighting system in a luminaire.The Linear Optic 210’s collection efficiency is greater than 80% - comparable to that of an individual optic - with a linear beam profile of 30 degrees total beam angle. The optic’s diffuse surface and flexible assembly position tolerance make it suitable for both single and multi-color applications. The surface finish enables a high level of color uniformity when mixing LUXEON Rebel LEDs of different colors. The optic simply slides into the grooves of the LED assembly’s metal housing, with the option to attach the heat sink underneath. These features deliver a superior optical solution for linear luminaire applications such as wall washing, fluorescent strip light replacements, under-cabinet lighting, and walkway illumination.“This product is yet another example of how we work with our network of solution partners to address specific market needs – in this case, by replacing individual optics with a single optical solution that can accommodate multiple power LEDs,” said Lawrence Madanda, Director of Global Marketing for Future Lighting Solutions. “The Linear Optic 210 capitalizes on the smaller size of the LUXEON Rebel so that luminaire system and manufacturing costs can be reduced; allowing our customers to leverage these benefits in their product development strategies.”The product is supplied in packs of 10 or 100 pieces in a standard length of 1200 mm (47.2”). It can be easily cut to suit shorter luminaire housing lengths, or lengthened by assembling multiple optics end-to-end in the luminaire housing. It is made of optical grade polycarbonate for thermal stability and system durability, and it complies with the EU’s RoHS requirements to protect consumers against hazardous substances. More information is available at www.futurelightingsolutions.com/pol210 .About Future Lighting SolutionsFuture Lighting Solutions is the leading provider of LED lighting components and solution support for lighting designers and OEMs interested in taking advantage of solid state lighting technology. Future Lighting Solutions provides LED lighting knowledge, resources, programs, partners, solutions and logistics support to promote the development of LED products and installations. The company is a division of Future Electronics, the third largest electronic components distributor in the world. Both companies operate in 167 locations in 39 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.futurelightingsolutions.com.Future Lighting Solutions; Making LED lighting solutions simple™.

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