SiLENSe 3.60 for modeling nitride semiconductors has been released

July 30, 2008
Date Announced: 30 Jul 2008 The software tool “Simulator of Light Emitters based on NitrideSemiconductors” (SiLENSe) is aimed at modeling electrical and opticalprocesses in LED and laser diode heterostructures based on wurtzitesemiconductors. SiLENSe is a part of the SimuLED software package designed for analysis and optimization of these devices. New version 3.60 includes an original model of IQE increase due to carrier localization in the In-rich regions formed by composition fluctuations in InGaN active layers. The carrier localization prevents them from non-radiativerecombination at threading dislocations. The rest free carriers caneasily move to the dislocation cores, giving rise to the non-radiativerecombination. The model predicts the fraction of the localized carriers and its dependence on the carrier concentration in InGaN quantum wells.

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