A Brand New Choice of LED Current Driving, ARC SSL Announced DMX Constant Current Drivers

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Based on the technology of full-color display along with precise color control and stable DMX transmission, it not only lights up your LED, but also enriches RGB color changing

ARC Solid-State Lighting, the professional provider of LED driver and controller, announced a series of DMX drivers, including constant voltage and constant current types, which are suitable for any kind of RGB LED fixtures and special lighting systems.

The lighting effects of some RGB LED lighting fixtures can not be edited as your wish, but now you can solve this problem with DMX drivers from ARC SSL.

The features of ARC SSL DMX constant current driver DA3607/3609 are as follows,

1. Reliable signal transmission : serial-link protects the DMX signals not being interfered with signal noise, so it’s totally different from other parallel-link type drivers that always lose signals when the weather is bad, then the lighting effects cannot be changed any more, compared with them, ARC SSL’s DMX drivers give you reliability that you really need.

2. Easy installation (Non-Polarity connection patent) : there’s no need to think about the positive or negative pole of the connection, no matter which pole you connect, system will complete the transmission.

3. Easy installation (Auto-Addressing Patent) : without any software or hardware setting, system will recognize IDs of your fixtures.

4. High Transmission distance : the longest distance between 2 drivers is 100 meters without any booster or booster until 170 drivers.

5. High data transmission : DMX+ communication protocol is applied, based on and compatible with standard DMX512, but more effective with the connecting capability 1024 pixels, which is 6 times more than DMX512 and the transmission speed 1M bps, which is 4 times faster the DMX512.

6. High resolution : 10 bits Gamma, 1024 grey colors per channel.

Product Specification

Channels per module
3 channels Driver of DMX 512 continuous ID

Communication Protocol
DMX512 or DMX + structure

Communication Interface

(non-polar connection)
Receiver port RS-485

Transmitter port RS-485

Communication Distance
100 M

LED Output Interface
PWM signal with constant voltage

Frequency of PWM Output
182 Hz ± 10 %

Gray Control
10 bits Gamma / 1024 grays per channel

ID Setting
Automatic addressing by series connection

Driving Current Capacity
350mA (DA3607)

700mA (DA3609)

Power Input
12~48 V(DA3607)


Power Consumption
Max. 16W(DA3607), 25W(DA3609)DC

Operating Ambient Temperature
-20~ 60 °C

83.8 x 38.1 mm

Claire Chen


Web Site:www.arclight.com.tw

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