LightWild’s LED Lighting Products Illuminate Anaheim GardenWalk

Oct. 9, 2008
Date Announced: 09 Oct 2008 Overland Park, Kansas – October 7, 2008 – LightWild today announced that its Project Engineering Team completed an exterior lighting project for the Anaheim GardenWalk, an outdoor life style center, located in the Anaheim, California Resort District. The Anaheim GardenWalk is a shopping, dining and entertainment center that maximizes nature and its colorful elements. A garden oasis of flowering light forms inspired lighting design firm, Lighting Design Alliance. LightWild’s color changing LED luminaries were integrated into living green walls and stone paving. The architecture of colorful segmented building forms is connected by nature and light.The center comes alive at night when the natural elements take on a supernatural life of their own. Pulling from the floral palette, smooth and gradual color changing light shows were created by using a total of 924 LightWild Pixels with RGB LEDs neatly integrated into living green walls as well as 101 circular LightWild Tiles that are recessed into granite flooring in a random pattern. A custom LightWild bracket mounts the Pixels securely on the green screen structure with a four inch standoff to allow the vines plenty of space to grow behind the LED Pixels. The vines also conceal the wiring and LightWild Lighting Controllers.The integrated frosted lens on the in-grade Tiles assists in reducing lamp image while allowing sufficient light level for a dynamic effect. The largest green screen without pedestrian access has Pixels with a lightly frosted lens for greater visibility from street traffic. The large surface area supports a grid formation of Pixels, allowing for a more complex and spirited light show that complements the nearby night club, movie theater and bowling alley. “The small diameter Tiles are randomly placed in the largest courtyard as if flower petals have fallen from the large glowing torchere elements,” says Designer Kristin Pickar of Lighting Design Alliance. “The paver neatly sits flush with the granite flooring and changes colors in a smooth transition of floral inspired hues,” Principal Designer Kyllene Jones of Lighting Design Alliance adds. “In GardenWalk we sought to get beyond traditional retail and establish an ambience that would encourage clients to return often. We invested heavily in lighting, landscaping; in fountains and sound systems and we’re pleased with the results. Clients seem to appreciate being able to escape the hustle and bustle of the world here for a few hours,” says Greg Davis, Assistant Marketing Director for Anaheim GardenWalk.Architects: Callison and Lyons WarrenLandscape Architects: Bennitt + Mitchell and ima+design Light DesignLighting Design Alliance: Kyllene Jones, Principal; Kristin Pickar, DesignerAbout LightWildLightWild’s architectural LED lighting and control solutions are specified by architects and light designers worldwide. The company’s blend of architectural grade fixtures, intelligent lighting controls, SmoothDim™ dimming systems, and a full-service project engineering team provides specifiers with Essential Lighting Tools™ and services for successful projects every time. LightWild’s environmentally friendly accent lighting is used in commercial venues that require LightWild’s DesignerBin™ binning for broad application white lighting or the attention-getting power of colorful and controlled lighting. For more information, please visit

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