Osram LEDs light up the globe on the Hotel Atlantic

Oct. 28, 2008
Date Announced: 28 Oct 2008 -- Hamburg sees the light of the worldThe city of Hamburg has another bright attraction now that OSRAM has bathed the globe on top of the Hotel Atlantic in colored light. All thanks to 24 high-power LINEARlight-DRAGON Colormix LEDs. Twelve OT Easy 60 controllers from OSRAM ensure that the LEDs can produce light of almost any color. [Figure caption: Above the rooftops of the city the globe of the Atlantic Hotel gleams in coloured brightness with the OSRAM LINEARlight-DRAGON Colormix.]The globe, supported by two caryatids (sculpted female figures), has been the emblem Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg since it was opened in 1909. Initially it was unlit. Later white fluorescent lamps were installed. Up to now however, a colored globe was out of the question because of the cost involved.But now thanks to OSRAM LINEARlight-DRAGON Colormix LEDs and built-in OT Easy 60 controllers the globe can appear in any color. This may be the corporate color of an important visitor to the hotel or perhaps a beautiful blue to match the river Alster that flows close by. Another major benefit is that the OSRAM LEDs save energy and therefore money. Whereas the previous fluorescent lamps consumed more than 400 W, only 100 W is now needed to achieve the wonderful bright color effect.The equipment was installed by GÖPOTEC from Hamburg. Hotel Atlantic staff were given training in the hardware and software so they now have full control over how the globe looks.ABOUT OSRAMOSRAM is part of the Industry sector of Siemens and one of the two leading lighting manufacturers in the world.Sales for the OSRAM group worldwide in the year ending September 30, 2007 totaled 4.7 billion euros, 88 percent of which came from outside Germany.OSRAM is a high-tech company in the lighting industry.Around 60 percent of sales come from energy-efficient products. This global player employs more than 41,000 people worldwide, supplies customers in some 150 countries and has 48 production facilities in 17 countries.

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