unveils indoor & outdoor LED display screens

Oct. 5, 2008
Date Announced: 05 Oct 2008 Technical features of LED screen:1) High luminosity. Adopting the worldwide first-class LED and the unique technology of balancing the pixel super-strong light, we have greatly improved screen's brightness.2) Real-time. Revision of 256/16384-grade non-linear gray scale makes color transition smoother and images more exquisite. The leading technology of real-time chroma revision greatly improves color reversion.3) High protection grade. The PCB, components and LED all apply three-proof materials and technique of navy ship-carried radar which ensure the screen can normally work under harsh environment.4) Multifunctions. Multifunctions include image non-linear revision, reinforcing processing of image edges and contrast, noise elimination, and supporting broadcast of digital television.5) Multi-varieties. More than 10 kinds of lamp modules suit for different traffic lane requirements. Various kinds of combination are available to meet various kinds of road control demands, and it is able to realize different indication functions of time-division control for different time sections.Along with the enhancement of environmental protection and the advancement of functional requirements for traffic signal lamps, using LED as light source (low power consumption, high luminosity and high reliability) to replace the incandescent lamps for traffic signal lamps becomes the trends in the world. In China, the application of this new technology is developed and expanded quickly. It yields huge community and economical benefits, and has vast and broad market Special Business Unit for LED industry help global buyers to buy quality products from our 5,000 LED suppliers across the world

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