EMTEQ Rides the Leading Edge of Technology with Aviation Industry Firsts in LED Wash Lighting

Oct. 20, 2008
Date Announced: 20 Oct 2008 (New Berlin, WI, USA)— EMTEQ, leading global provider of certified, customized and off-the-shelf integrated avionics and LED (light emitting diode) interior and exterior lighting, has released ELW90, its next generation wash light for corporate, business jet applications. Compared to similar offerings the features and benefits of this product present industry firsts which offer notable benefits for customers and installers, while many of the quintessential functionality options that are standard throughout EMTEQ’s wash lighting product line. Many features typically mean reduced operating costs and increased safety:• lightweight• easy installation and maintenance • durable• long-life• no power supplies needed• dimming options for ambiance and emergency lighting purposes• very low to non-existent heat emission• custom lengths determined by application Specifically for ELW90, the design incorporates options for 100% variable or dimming, is lighter weight and most significantly, relies on digital control and RS485 signal technology. Project Engineer Cory Wasniewski explains, “We’ve designed this wash light to be smaller and lighter while still emitting high intensity light that, similar to our QUASARTM Mood Lighting System, is capable of fading to various intensities of white with a single command. We are also able to easily separate the cabin lighting into zones and groups of lights which can be controlled independently on a single bus. This allows the user to affect the cabin’s atmosphere to highlight or downplay aesthetic features like fabrics or to alter the mood for a particular situation.” The single command fade feature is one of many benefits resulting from ELW90’s digital versus analogue control. Again, Wasniewski, “Digital control and RS485 technology allows for direct interface with Cabin Management Systems (CMS), which completely eliminates the need for additional hardware to control the lights and allows for optimal performance for data transmission between multiple devices.” Compared to analogue interfaces, ELW90’s digitally controlled system also means these lights are significantly less susceptible to induced noise, ground voltage differentials and Electro-magnetic Interference (EMI)— the root causes of light flicker and perhaps the most reluctantly tolerated annoyance of some wash lights. Two other key features of RS485 technology in EMTEQ’s new wash light which customers should find attractive include increased data speed transmission and simplified installations with fewer components. For those aircraft without a CMS or RS485 bus, EMTEQ is developing a very small analog to digital interface bus module which will make their newest wash light more widely applicable.About the EMTEQ Family of Companies / PartnershipsIncorporated in 1996, EMTEQ specializes in integrated interior and exterior LED lighting products, design engineering and avionics installation kits for aircraft navigation, communication and entertainment systems for the for the commercial, corporate and military aviation markets, including helicopters. Headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin, EMTEQ has locations throughout the United States and globally, including ACS-NAI in Winnipeg, Canada; Flight Components, AG in Bachenbülach, Switzerland; Florida’s FAA certification and installation group and Taubaté Brazil design and engineering facility. EMTEQ also is aligned with strategic partner Cable Technology, Inc. located in Great Falls, MT, who designs, develops, manufactures and sells high quality wire and cable related assemblies. EMTEQ employs over 430 people with expected revenues of approximately $75,000,000 in 2008. Visit the EMTEQ Family of Companies and Partners online at www.acs-nai.com, www.emteq.com, www.flightcomponents.com and www.cablemt.com.


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