Pro-Lite releases new version of ProSource software for light source modeling

Oct. 17, 2008
Date Announced: 17 Oct 2008 Pro-Lite Technology LLP (Cranfield, England) has announced the release of ProSource 8.0 software from Radiant Imaging. The light source modeling software now delivers an improved user interface and expanded functionality for Radiant Source Model analysis and ray generation.ProSource is used widely for near field light source modeling and ray generation. ProSource 8.0 provides simpler, more intuitive programme navigation, enhanced graphics and improved ray generation from Radiant Source Model data files, including full colour ray set generation. ProSource 8.0 is intended for use by light source and lighting system designers and developers, and can be used with all types of light sources including emerging LED-based solid state lighting.ProSource 8.0 includes improvements to nearly all areas of the software. First, ProSource 8.0 provides an intuitive interface to allow the user to view, manipulate, and process Radiant Source Model (RSM) data files more simply and more quickly than in previous versions. RSM data files are industry-standard representations of the near-field output of light sources comprised of thousands of detailed images of a light source. RSMs are generated by measuring a light source on source imaging goniophotometric systems such as Radiant Imaging’s SIG-300 and SIG-400. A new user interface and improved graphics allow users to more rapidly access and analyse RSM information, resulting in both time savings and deeper understanding of light source performance. In addition, window docking and tabbing enable much easier organisation of the different data representations and operations that result during a typical ProSource session. Second, ProSource 8.0 generates ray data that accurately represents the output of the light source and which can be exported for use with all popular optical and illumination system design software packages, including ASAP, LightTools, TracePro, and ZEMAX. Users can control the number of rays generated, the angular extent of the rays, the total luminous flux of the ray set as well as the ray origin location. In addition, colour RSM models can be directly analysed in ProSource and the programme has the ability to generate full colour ray set data for export, providing significant advantages to optical designers in accurate modeling of lighting systems. Colour models are especially important for emerging LED lighting and display applications.Free upgrades to ProSource 8.0 are available to users that purchased ProSource after 1st January 2008, and discounted upgrades are available from certain previous releases. Pro-Lite releases new version of ProSource software for light source modelingRadiant Imaging is the worldwide leader in imaging systems for colour and light measurement and predicts that users of its new ProSource 8.0 software will realise both improved efficiency and increased accuracy when modeling lighting products. About Pro-Lite: Pro-Lite is a specialist distributor providing value-added service to the laser and optical radiation measurement communities in the UK and Ireland. Pro-Lite supplies lasers, laser safety eyewear, laser power and energy meters, precision opto-mechanics, as well as a complete spectrum of equipment for measuring optical radiation and the optical properties of materials.

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