IST launches new CE,UL and cUL approved 3-channel LED iDrive™ to LED fixture OEMs

Oct. 16, 2008
Date Announced: 16 Oct 2008 Integrated System Technologies, a leading LED driver manufacturer, has developed the iDrive™-UL, a DMX-based three-channel 350mA LED driver, to complement its existing portfolio of patented LED drivers, in order to satisfy the demands of its rapidly growing international client base.The UL driver is one of the first world-wide rated and approved universal drivers for LEDs that operates from mains voltages between 100 and 240V. A new high power, double-insulated LED connector has been introduced to ensure the UL driver will meet the latest driver safety standards, including UL1012/cUL1012 and IEC 61347-2-13. Compliance to these standards will allow customers to sell the iDrive™-UL in the US, Canada and the rest of the world.The iDrive™-UL is the latest in the range of high quality drivers and will incorporate the same outstanding features as other products in the iDrive™ range, which are distinguished from other LED drivers on the market by their patented Colour Cool™ thermal management and unique Pulse Amplitude Modulation colour mixing 3-channel systems. The new iDrive™-UL is specifically tailored to LED fixture OEMs and IST has introduced its OEM Partner Programme to include bespoke OEM printed labelling and packaging for minimum batch orders of 500 units. This new service enhances the profile of IST's OEM partners and enables them to develop their own fully branded lighting systems.Currently the leading choice for LED installations in terms of reliability and efficiency, customers can expect the same excellent thermal feedback for both fixture and driver, as well as the same high energy efficiency of the iDrive™-lite. However, the iDrive™-UL has the added benefit of hassle-free installation thanks to the simple user interface and status LEDs being designed on top of the product rather than at the side, as is the case on other drivers.For companies wishing to market, distribute and sell the iDrive™-UL within North America, it is possible to become an official UL approved listee, enabling fixture manufacturers to offer complete LED Lighting systems to their clients. Nina Blackmore, IST’s International Marketing Manager enthused: “The iDrive™-UL has been developed by our engineering team due to a large number of requests from our OEM Partners that wanted a single LED driver that meets all of the latest safety standards and can operate universally. It was surprising to find that the majority of LED drivers available today are tailored to specific regions and standards, meaning OEMs have to supply two or more LED drivers, depending on where installation take place. The iDrive™-UL clearly solves this issue ensuring OEMs only need to stock one driver, thus saving costs and simplifying inventory holdings”. IST Ltd have a limited number of engineering samples of the new iDrive™-UL and potential customers are encouraged to register their interest well in advance of volume shipping, which is expected to commence by the end of the year.

OEM customers should contact Matt Fitzpatrick for further information.

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