Optek develops versatile LED module strips for signage and channel-letter applications

Oct. 10, 2008
Date Announced: 10 Oct 2008 CARROLLTON, TX (October 10, 2008) — Providing solid state lighting design engineers with a flexible and scalable lighting solution, TT electronics OPTEK Technology has developed a series of LED module strips for signage and channel-letter applications. The LED strips are available in three models: OVM18F4x7 Series 4 LED module strips; OVM12F3x7 Series 3 LED module strips; and OVQ12S30x7 Series flexible LED light strips. Available in red, amber, green, blue and white, the LED strips provide fast response times and low power consumption, resulting in low power requirements from circuit power supplies.“OPTEK’s LED light strips provide an operating life that is longer than traditional fluorescent and incandescent light sources,” said Alan Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing for OPTEK Technology. “Extended lifespan, along with the low power consumption, provide our customers with an energy saving lighting solution ideal for a number of illumination applications ranging from channel letters and signage to decorative special effects.” Typical applications for OPTEK’s LED light strip product line include commercial channel lighting for signage applications, media illumination, large area backlighting, point-of-sale displays, mood-setting decoration, landscape lighting, and neon replacement lighting.The LED module strips include the following models: •OVM12F3x7 Series 3 LED module strips – comprised of 30 modules per strip in lengths of 3 inches to over 40 feet long, the waterproof strips feature a power dissipation of 1.5W, input voltage of 12V, and operating temperature ranging from -30°C to +50°C;•OVM18F4x7 4 LED module strips – consisting of 20 modules per strip in lengths from 3 inches to over 30 feet long, the waterproof strips feature a power dissipation of 1.5W, input voltage of 18V, and operating temperature ranging from -30°C to +50°C;•OVQ12S30x7 flexible LED light strips – comprised of 30 high brightness LEDS per unit in lengths up to 16 feet, the red and yellow LED strips feature a power dissipation of 2.7W while the green, blue, white and warm white strips feature a power dissipation of 2.3W, with an input voltage of 12V and operating temperature of -30°C to +50°C.Typical pricing for the OVM12F3x7 3 LED module strips begins at $1.58/module. Pricing for the OVM18F4x7 4 LED module strips begins at $2.01/module, and pricing for the OVQ12S30x7 flexible LED light strips starts at $7.48/unit of 30 LEDs. All pricing is for quantities of 1,000 pieces.For more information about OPTEK’s LED module strips, contact TT electronics OPTEK Technology at 1645 Wallace Dr., Carrollton, TX, 75006; call 972-323-2200, or visit OPTEK on the web at http://www.optekinc.com/viewparts.aspx?categoryID=51. In Europe, contact JP Delaporte at [email protected]. In Asia, contact T.H. Swee at [email protected] or call +852-9190-4641.OPTEK is a leading manufacturing and solutions provider for sensing and illumination covering the infrared, visible and ultraviolet spectrum; with standard as well as application specific products for a variety of markets, including, but not limited to office machines, industrial equipment, encoders, automotive electronics, military and high-reliability applications, medical diagnostic equipment and solid-state lighting. Headquartered in Carrollton, TX, the company is ISO/TS16949:2002 and BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, as well as ITAR registered. OPTEK Technology was acquired by TT electronics in December 2003. TT electronics plc is a global electronics company manufacturing a broad range of advanced electronic components, assemblies and sensor modules for the automotive, industrial, telecommunication, computer and aerospace markets

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