Hawco Linkable, Low-Profile LED Strip Provides Economical Replacement for Incandescent and Florescent Light Bulbs

Oct. 20, 2008
Date Announced: 20 Oct 2008 Surrey, U.K. (October 15, 2008) — Hawco, an international controls and refrigeration engineering service provider and distributor, introduces new linkable, low-profile LED strip lights that offer an economical alternative to incandescent and florescent lighting.Designated PLANETSAVER®, the LED Strip Lights are available in two versions: a 230 Volt AC module and a 12 Volt DC LED ultras low power (ULP) module. Both versions feature a versatile plug-and-play facility that enables multiple units to be connected inseries to meet lighting requirements. The rugged PLANETSAVER LED Strip Lights significantly lower energy consumption and feature a long operating life of more than 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance costs.“In addition to power and maintenance cost-savings, solid-state lighting provides several performance enhancements includes reliability, longer life span, and consistent colour and brightness levels. The warm and white colors of our PLANETSAVER LEDscan mirror the brightness of traditional incandescent lighting,” said Gary Bennett, Hawco Managing Director. “Because of the shorter life-span and fragile nature of incandescent and fluorescent lighting, the PLANETSAVER LED lighting strips are ideal forretrofitting and replacing these technologies.”The PLANETSAVER LED Strip Lights instantly light up at full brightness and can be specified to provide either a cold or warm white colour temperature. Available with a compact straight and/or flexible connection option, up to 10 LED strip lights canbe connected in series.The 230 Volt AC Led Strip Light is available with lamp dimensions of 320mm to 820mm, providing a light output of 42cd to 132cd. The 12 Volt DC LED ULP Strip Light is available in lengths from 320mm to 820mm with corresponding light output of 48cd to 138cd.Typical applications include refrigeration, chiller cabinets, kitchen units, shop displays, under shelves, pelmits, bookcases and wardrobe.

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