Joliet LED lighting technology goes underground

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Leading European street lighting suppliers Joliet Technology introduce a specially designed lamp unit for tunnel and underground lighting applications.

Switching to LED street lights offers up to 80% savings on power consumption and ensures a complete return on investment in less than 17 months with colossal savings over the 10 year life of the product. Resultant reductions in harmful Co2 and So2 emissions are proportional.

Conventional sodium HP or metal halide lamps have a life span of around one year requiring at least annual replacement and maintenance. Joliet high power LED lights require no regular maintenance further increasing savings on replacement bulbs, access equipment and labour costs. New installations benefit from a substantial reduction in the cost of expensive heavy duty cable required for sodium lighting.

The exceptional photometric properties of Joliet high power LED street lights, in addition to offering a bright, natural light colour, provide a uniform rectangular beam pattern (40x16 meters at 12 meter height) that is 50% brighter and 50% larger than the oval beam pattern produced by a conventional lamp. This highly focused beam pattern allows LED lights to be spaced at much wider intervals than sodium lights increasing still further the savings achievable in initial investment requirement and operating costs.

Extensive information and assistance in choosing the most appropriate LED street light is available at

Joliet Technology is an international supplier of renewable energy equipment operating from headquarters in Northern Spain with offices in France, and the United Kingdom.

The company’s general philosophy is to provide end users with well designed, user friendly equipment that can be easily installed and requires little or no maintenance. Above all the management believes that renewable energy based products should offer customers a real alternative to conventional energy sources without attracting a premium cost.

Joliet Technology SL also supplies a range of small domestic wind turbines

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