EMTEQ Develops New Line of Exterior LED Lights for Large Business Jets

Oct. 20, 2008
Date Announced: 20 Oct 2008 Products are easily customized for various aircraft models with all of the impressive benefits of LED technology while increasing safety on the ground and in flight(New Berlin, WI, USA)— EMTEQ, leading global provider of certified, customized and off-the-shelf integrated avionics and LED (light emitting diode) interior and exterior lighting, has released a new line of exterior LED lighting products including: • Pylon light • Wheel well light • Logo light • Wing inspection light • Recognition light • 400 candela (cd) anti-collision lightThese lights can be customized for mounting, frame finish, LED illumination direction or spread, LED color and assembly size while offering the benefits of LED lighting including improved safety with bright, clear, high intensity light and lower costs of ownership as compared to non-LED systems. LED technology benefits include:• Significant weight reduction of the product itself• Reduced power consumption• High mean time between failure (MTBF)• Compact packaging• Simplified installation • Significantly reduced maintenance • Increased product durability Says Rachel Bahr, Director – Corporate/Airframe Business Development, “These lights can be easily installed as part of a type certificated production aircraft or as a retrofit program to replace heavy, less functional, non-LED systems. Of existing airframes, ideal business jet models for retrofit application with our current designs include those that seat 10-25 passengers.” About the EMTEQ Family of Companies / PartnershipsIncorporated in 1996, EMTEQ specializes in integrated interior and exterior LED lighting products, design engineering and avionics installation kits for aircraft navigation, communication and entertainment systems for the for the commercial, corporate and military aviation markets, including helicopters. Headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin, EMTEQ has locations throughout the United States and globally, including ACS-NAI in Winnipeg, Canada; Flight Components, AG in Bachenbülach, Switzerland; Florida’s FAA certification and installation group and Taubaté Brazil design and engineering facility. EMTEQ also is aligned with strategic partner Cable Technology, Inc. located in Great Falls, MT, who designs, develops, manufactures and sells high quality wire and cable related assemblies. EMTEQ employs over 430 people with expected revenues of approximately $75,000,000 in 2008. Visit the EMTEQ Family of Companies and Partner online at www.acs-nai.com, www.emteq.com, www.flightcomponents.com and www.cablemt.com.

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