BBE LED introduces range of LED light bulbs

Dec. 1, 2008
Date Announced: 01 Dec 2008 LED Light Bulbs give off directional light, so the light goes where you aim it. LED Light Bulbs are closer to the color of daylight - which new studies suggest is good for staying alert. BBE LED Light Bulbs can be used to replace your standard fluorescent or halogen light bulbs. The bright, white LED light produced by our LED Light Bulbs works especially well for task lighting and reading light. LEDs not only produce light more efficiently, they also have a tiny mirror that reflects light in one direction. A more directed light means less wasted light.The best way to start using our long life BBE LED Light Bulbs is to try one first. Swap out a regular bulb on your porch, in a ceiling can, task or accent light, or maybe replace a bulb that you leave on at night. To get familiar with LED Light Bulbs, we recommend you experiment with different lighting combinations and see how their reduced light output works for you. BBE LED bulbs have Edison style bases and will fit your existing lamps and fixtures. With LED Light Bulbs and just a bit of planning you can create a more interesting lighting environment while cutting down on your electric bill. Be sure to call us for more BBE LED Light Bulbs information.

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