Oswald Int'l Corp. introduces LED T-bar ceiling panel

Dec. 4, 2008
Date Announced: 04 Dec 2008 As of the energy issue, scientists have been looking for the new energy instead of oil and nuclear energy. In addition, the green-house effect has also caused the global temperature to increase. As of the above influences, Oswald Int'l Corp. is developing a series of LED lighting products to decrease the power-consuming of lighting products. For examples, out LED T-bar ceiling panel offers users 300 Lux light at 2.8M Height. Moreover, LED T-bar takes only 45 Watts power per hour. Comparing to traditional T-8 panel, it is almost a half of power-consuming. Except that, we also developed 10 watts LED downlight, 3 watts LED spot light, 7 watts AR111, and so on. As an OEM & ODM supplier, we have been developing new products to offer users "More brightness and Less Power-Consuming". Furthermore, "Lower Pricing" is always our business target. For more information inquries, you are welcome to contact with us.

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