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Dec. 16, 2008
Date Announced: 16 Dec 2008 Power meter is divided into 3 types per application, one is for CATV, the other two is for Telecom and Communication. We also released PON Power Meter catering to FTTH market. This power meter is designed on request of InGaAs photodiode dimensions—300um, 500um, 1000um and 2000um and connector—universal and interchangeable. Recently we also made customer-built power meter, such as Mini-power meter, smart power meter with multi-wavelength calibrated.Light Source is divided into 2 types per diode, one is Laser light source, the other is LED light source. It is also divided into 3 types per selectable wavelength, one is single-wavelength source, the other two is dual-wavelength and multi-wavelength. It is possible to make modulated unit with 270Hz, 1KHz and 2KHz. Visual Fault Locator is including 650nm light source and 635nm light source. It is possible to be built-into pen-size.Multi-Meter is an integrated unit with built-into different power range power meter and different wavelength light source.Fiber Optical Attenuator has the inimitable function of display both output and input optical powers. It can be used as an attenuator as well as optical power meter to ensure the complete functions with economic cost.Fiber Identifier is a low-cost, portable instrument designed to detect optical signals without disrupting traffic. When maintenance, installation, rerouting or restorations, it's often necessary to isolate a specific fiber. By simply clamping the identifier onto a fiber, the OFI will indicate if there is a signal, a 2kHz tone, or traffic and show signal direction.Fiber Ranger is just like the simplified OTDR, It’s designed for the identification of fault locations (distance from the fiber-start point) and fault types(i.e. reflection or attenuation). OTDR is choosen from different dynanmic module on a same main frame. The highest range is 42/40dB. USB-OTDR and Palm-OTDR is available with lightweight and short-distance. Optical Talk Set is a latest self-developed intelligent instrument that combines functions both of digital optical phone and stabilized light source in one set. Fusion splicer employs the high-speed image process technology and special exact orientation technology, so that the whole process of fiber’s fusion can be finished within 20 seconds automatically. LCD monitor makes each process of fiber fusion clear. Because of compact design, light-weight and AC/DC power supply, it is widely used in Cable TV, Railway, Petrochemistry, Electric power, Army& Police and some R&D organizations.

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