Edison Opto announces Edixeon® Federal series of ultra-compact high-power LEDs

Dec. 2, 2008
Date Announced: 02 Dec 2008 To stand out from the diversified range of LED products currently available on the market, a LED product now not only has to offer higher brightness, but also meets designers’ needs for a reliable and flexible product. Edison Opto has introduced Federal series, an ultra-compact small sized high power LED offering efficient performance and design flexibility.Edixeon® Federal series offers thirteen (13) different choices of color from White series (2,670K~10,000K), single color series as well as IR and UV series (395nm~740nm). The small footprint of Federal series is ideal for modular customization. Standard module comprises three Edixeon® Federals on a star-sized MCPCB.Through its proprietary automated packaging process, Edixeon® Federal series conforms fully to the RoHS directive as with the rest of its Edixeon® family and offers accurate and stable manufacturing yields for a competitive edge over cost and delivery.About Edison Opto Edison Opto is a leading high power LED manufacturer and a solution provider experienced in optical design and thermal management for the emerging SSL market. With R&D headquarter in Taiwan, as well as distribution network over twenty-six countries, Edison Opto offers a diverse range of high power LED products to worldwide commercial, industrial, retail, and residential markets. For more information, visit www.edison-opto.com.tw.

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