Cypress' intelligent lighting solutions support Osram DRAGON LEDs

Dec. 22, 2008
Date Announced: 22 Dec 2008 Code-Free Solution Teams with High-Performance LEDs to Deliver Simple, Efficient Designs SAN JOSE Calif. - Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE: CY) has announced its easy-to-use intelligent lighting solutions support DRAGON LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors. Using Cypress’s PSoC Designer™ 5.0 visual design software and the CY3265O-RGB evaluation kit, designers can simply input the selected DRAGON device; select bin specifications through easy-to-use, drop-down menus; and choose a color, including white - without having to write a single line of firmware. The solution frees lighting designers from the burden of knowing LED binning and temperature specifications, so they can focus on desired lighting effects and bring intelligent lighting systems to market more quickly and efficiently. Cypress has integrated the DRAGON device specifications and temperature characteristics into the content library of PSoC Designer 5.0 software, which supports Cypress’s EZ-Color™ LED controllers. With other LED controllers, engineers must input specific device binning and temperature performance data. Cypress has introduced the CY3265O-RGB evaluation kit enabling designers to begin simplified system design with DRAGON LEDs. "Osram’s DRAGON LED family offers stellar performance, and we are pleased to support it with our intelligent lighting solutions" said Curt Davis, vice president of Cypress’s PowerPSoC™ Business Unit, which includes Intelligent Lighting Solutions. "The flexibility of the DRAGON family combined with the ease-of-use of our solutions provides a diverse pallet of color and white lighting options to system designers" The DRAGON LED family offers lighting system designers competitive options for a variety of applications. The high-performance LEDs have an exceptionally long lifetime and emit the maximum light from the smallest possible source using Thinfilm/ThinGaN technology, giving designers and developers numerous options. All DRAGON products also share a common base design allowing interchangeability depending on desired brightness level. "The performance and versatility of our DRAGON LEDs work well with Cypress’s software, controller technology and additional lighting solutions" said Steffen Block from Solid State Lighting at Osram. "We are always looking for ways to help our customers maximize the efficiency of their design process, and this combined toolset does just that" Availability The CY3265O-RGB evaluation kit provides the firmware to support DRAGON LEDs. The kit comes with a daughter card featuring DRAGON LEDs, and includes a MiniProg, a 5v LCD display, a USB cable, a CD with PSoC Designer 5.0, Gerber files and schematics. The kit is available on the Cypress Online Store at and from authorized distributors. About Cypress’s Intelligent Lighting Solutions LED lighting design requires a complex set of calculations with custom firmware to deliver consistent color. The two biggest problems that LED lighting engineers face are having to account for differing LED performance specifications based on manufacturing bins and the LEDs’ degradation (such as output flux, wavelength etc.) over different temperatures. With PSoC Designer 5.0, designers simply select a color from a gamut presented on-screen. Pre-loaded manufacturers’ bin specifications and choice of either temperature or optical feedback algorithms are automatically applied to the selected design and programmed into an EZ-Color controller. This can save anywhere from weeks to months of design time for a complex design. EZ-Color LED controllers can support up to 16 LED strings, compared to four or five strings for competitive devices. The additional strings can mean a savings of dozens or even hundreds of controllers in very large designs, cutting design complexity, power consumption and board space. The EZ-Color LED controllers are powered by Cypress patent pending PrISM™ (Precise Illumination Signal Modulation) technology. The PrISM modulation technology significantly reduces low-frequency flicker and radiated electro-magnetic interference (EMI)-common problems in LED lighting designs. Designers also have the flexibility to add additional functionality to the EZ-Color controllers, including battery charging, motor control, thermal feedback, programmable control gear and other features.

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