Rohm announces low-profile side-view and top-view surface-mount LEDs

Dec. 23, 2008
Date Announced: 23 Dec 2008 The Industry's Smallest Side View (SML-L1 Series) and Lowest-profileTop-view LEDs (SML-J1 Series)12.17.2008December 17, 2008 - ROHM Co., Ltd. has announced the development of the SML-L1 and SML-J1 series of side-view and top-view (respectively) high-output surface-mount LEDs designed to provide autofocus flash functionality and auxiliary lighting in low light conditions for increasingly compact digital still and video cameras. Both SML-L1 and SML-J1 fill the need for surface mount side-view LEDs that can be automatically reflowed to replace lamp LEDs that require manual bending of the leads for applications where the optical axis is aligned laterally to the circuit board.The industry's smallest profile (4.5mm: SML-J1) has been achieved through precision processing technology. Additional features include a novel high intensity element enabling ultra-high brightness (28cd at 20mA) and optimized lens and frame shape for extremely narrow directivity (8º), limiting optical axis shifting to only ±3º. The new LEDs are available in a variety of colors, including orange, red, yellow, yellow-green, green, and infrared (for nighttime illumination). Key features of SML-L1 and SML-J1:Industry's first side-view package (SML-L1: 3.6 mm×4.9 mm×3.3 [h] mm) Low-profile package (SML-J1: 4.0 mm×3.4 mm×4.5 [h] mm) Ultra-narrow directivity angle: 8º High precision: ±3º optical axis shift High brightness: 28cd at 20mA

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