New report on UK lighting says retailers' market to transform in 2009

Dec. 10, 2008
Date Announced: 10 Dec 2008 A new report from MTW Research on the UK Lighting Market forecasts that while independent lighting retailers may lose some market share in 2009, a period of rapid transition and market re-positioning should result in a more healthy lighting distribution channel from 2010 onwards. The report, based on company sales from 70% of the market, found that lighting retailers are facing an increasingly difficult and complex trading environment in late 2008, with rising pressure on sales and profitability likely to characterise the channel in 2009 as DIY, home improvement and refurbishment activity slows. Whilst the recent 2.5% VAT reduction may offer some light relief to lighting retailer margins, MTW’s report forecasts that the sector will undergo a period of rapid transformation in the coming 12-18 months, as retailers re-position themselves in order to avoid further pricing pressures. MTW also identify the implications for lighting manufacturers and suppliers as the independents seek to differentiate themselves from competing channels such as the DIY ‘Sheds’. The research also found that the lighting retail market continues to polarise, with 20% of independent retailers recorded as being ‘at serious risk’, with the report suggesting that those lighting companies with a less well defined market position will feel the full force of the downturn in 2009. However, the report also provides a degree of optimism, with market growth forecast for the medium term and more than 70% of the industry regarded as being a ‘low or below average risk’. The report authors point to the growing necessity for lighting product manufacturers to understand current market conditions and identify those companies who are best placed to weather the economic downturn in order to sustain sales in the UK domestic lamps and luminaires market. MTW also indicate that suppliers to the independent lighting stockists are likely to experience an increasingly competitive environment where retailers are progressively seeking to implement cost cutting measures. Sources indicate that retailers will inevitably look to suppliers to achieve this cost saving to some extent, with pricing pressures feeding through to the lighting manufacturers as a result. The report provides a comprehensive review of the independent lighting retail market and forecasts industry trends for 2009-2012 as well as ranking the lighting companies and providing sales estimates enabling market share estimation. In addition, MTW have also produced an effective method of profiling each company’s financial health and illustrating their key financial performance indicators through their ‘at a glance’ charts. The report package also includes mailing, telephone and contact details for 90% of the market, providing comprehensive industry analysis and a useful sales & marketing tool.

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