Orient UFO LED grow lights use ideal wavelength for plants

Dec. 28, 2008
Date Announced: 28 Dec 2008 Orient Lighting announces the launch of high power UFO LED grow lights.They are based upon the successful technology used by NASA, which adopt ideal wavelength LED emits only PAR (Photosynthetically ActiveRadiation) to grow plants effectively and affordably. Besides, they produce little heat and save Save 75% power over HID grow lightingMain Features1. More than 100W LED power delivery2. 90 units of double Chips LEDs (80 Red and 10 Bule)3. LED wavelength: Red 660nm and Blue 445nm4. Lifetime: 50,000 hours5. Dimension(mm): 270(Dia.)×160 Other Features1. Advanced LED Design Powerful Than OthersIndependent IPR in Double Chips LED encapsulation specially design for Plant Growth with ideal wavelength Red 660nm.2. Scientific Way Produce Excellent GrowthScientific experiments indicate that LEDs operating at about 80%-90% 670nm Red and 10%-20% 420nm Blue (or near those wavelengths) can produce significantly better (possibly 2-3 times better) growth than conventional light sources at the same levels. Our UFO LED Lights have extremely high output with correct wavelength which can deliver 100% of useful light pointed downwards the plant. Give the plant only light they need. No waste!3. Less Heat & PollutionSave 75% power over HID lighting. It only produces little heat and warm to touch. Be good for environmental Protection.4. Cut Maintenance CostsOver 50,000 hours lifespan.

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