enLux Lighting Introduces 1KS Series LED Luminaire

June 12, 2008
Date Announced: 12 Jun 2008 enLux™ Lighting has introduced the 1KS Slim Line LED Luminaire that will illuminate display cases (refrigerated and non-refrigerated), under cabinets, shelving and cove lighting for retail, commercial and residential applications.Offered with one to four light engines, the enLux 1KS Series RAGB LED light has an integrated power supply and heat sink housing. It comes available in three tones of white light – Warm (2700K) Neutral (3500K) and Cool (4500K) and in standard colors of red, green, blue and amber. A custom color can also be specified and produced.The 1KS Slim Line LED Luminaire is the first RAGB Solid State LED based light module that emits over 1000 lumens of white light for replacing conventional incandescent, fluorescent (T-8s) or halogen light sources for general illumination. The unique thermal management keeps the fixture cool to the touch, while providing maximum LED longevity without degradation. This provides maximum cooling and light efficiency. The enLux 1KS is a versatile lighting solution for custom lighting fixture manufacturer applications and is ideal for OEM design applications. “The 1KS Slim Line is durable and moisture resistant,” stated Ronald Mascenti, Director of Marketing at enLux Lighting. “Solid-State LED lighting resists damage by vibration (frequent door closing) and is safe with no glass to break. The enLux Slim Line LED lighting is ideal for refrigerated and non-refrigerated applications.”LED lighting is desirable for architectural applications that require specific color rendering, visual performance, energy efficiency, and ease of installation and maintenance for aesthetically preferred solutions that can be hard to reach or maintain.

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