Digilin Australia Releases GRID 1640 High Output LED Downlight

June 12, 2008
Date Announced: 12 Jun 2008 The Grid 1640 from Digilin Australia is a recessed LED downlight that brings a viable LED lighting alternative to the world of commercial lighting to replace discharge or compact fluorescent luminaires. As with all LED lighting, the GRID 1640 benefits the end user with a long lifespan and reduced running costs, but in particular commercial applications benefit from a reduction in maintenance costs, and occupational health and safety issues relating to maintenance. Furthermore, the GRID 1640 has instant start up, be it from initial turn on or after a power outage.With Digilin’s expertise in engineering and lighting design, the GRID 1640 has been designed to ensure the high power LED's are operating within the manufacturers recommendations for a projected lifespan of 50,000hrs, retaining 70% (of their initial 2400+ lumens) performance, without the need for regular lamp changes or maintenance during this time. All this with a total power consumption of only 40W, providing reduced running costs to the end user in comparison to traditional lighting solutions.The GRID 1640’s superior beam control provides 5 beam spreads ranging from a narrow 12° spot through to an extra wide 60°. Further to this, the beam has an adjustable +/- 28° tilt. It is available in a warm, neutral or cool white (3200K, 4300K or and 6000K respectively). The combination of these options makes the GRID 1640 suitable for almost any commercial lighting application.

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