Daktronics introduces the 12mm Valo OT digital LED billboard technology

June 17, 2008
Date Announced: 17 Jun 2008 Daktronics Inc. (NASDAQ-DAKT), the world’s top digital billboard manufacturer, today unveiled the 12 mm Valo™ Optimized Technology digital billboard, the most advanced digital billboard available. Featuring wide viewing angles, enhanced contrast and a high-density pixel configuration for close-up viewing, the 12 mm Valo™ OT delivers the sharpest images in outdoor advertising.The 12 mm Valo™ OT builds on the success of the popular 16 mm Valo™ OT. Using the same innovative design as the 16 mm Valo™ OT and the latest in LED technology, the 12 mm Valo™ OT delivers vivid picture quality while optimizing light output and energy use.“This new billboard complements and expands our wide product line, and further ensures that our customers are able to find the best-fitting product for their application,” said Chris Bates, Daktronics billboard product manager.The revolutionary design of Daktronics’ Valo™ digital billboards saves outdoor advertising companies time and money both on installation and service of the product. The unique mounting system, Valo™ Mount, eliminates the need for horizontal stringers, shortening installation time and reducing the likelihood of expensive structural enhancements. The cabinet saves on service costs by accommodating for both front and rear access, thereby allowing service to be performed from catwalks which, in some cases, eliminates the cost of a bucket truck for service.“The OT pixel technology has been well-received by the industry,” said Jeremy Johnson, billboard development manager at Daktronics. “It has been recognized as a very innovative and efficient technology. Offering a higherdensity option in this technology will give our customers even more choices.”The 12 mm Valo™ OT digital billboard is available in many standard sizes, and is well-suited for both close-range viewing applications and prime advertising locations. In addition to the 12 mm and 16 mm Valo™ OT billboards, Daktronics also offers the 20 mm and 23 mm Valo™ MT billboards which feature the company’s traditional LED pixel technology. All together, Daktronics offers the widest selection of digital billboard products and services to the outdoor advertising industry.About DaktronicsDaktronics is the world’s largest supplier of large-format LED display systems, including digital LED billboards, large-screen video displays and control systems for sports and commercial venues. The company’s digital LED billboard division installed its first digital billboard in 2001 and quickly became the world’s top digital billboard manufacturer. Daktronics has installed more than 700 digital billboards nationwide in more than 150 cities.

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