Everlight's E-Skyline: LED Multi Color Wall Washer

June 25, 2008
Date Announced: 25 Jun 2008 Everlight has harnessed its expertise in LED manufacturing and combined it with its own leading technology in PCB population, mechanical design, optical design, and thermal management to create a highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing indoor lighting fixture. The E-Skyline is in a class of its own, producing high lumens output in multiple CCTs and wavelengths, allowing versatile placement and usage, and competing aggressively in cost effectiveness and return. It produces 450lm/ft @ 6700K CCT, 400lm/ft @ 4300K CCT, 350lm @ 2900K CCT, as well as 330lm/ft for RGB full color. The mechanics were designed to create an advantage in weight and heat dissipation.Without a mounting hinge, at 12.0 x 0.75 x 0.75 inches the Silver Aluminum housing allows for only a 150g weight and is capable of sustaining the heat of high power operation. The E-Skyline's PMMA optical lens allows for 45, 80, and 120 degrees in viewing angle. The optical options combined with the ability for the entire module to be pointed in any direction (0 to 180 degrees) enables the fixture to accommodate any FOV (Field of Vision) requirement. The E-Skyline is current controlled by the LED driver integrated onto its PCB and takes a standard 24VDC 60 watt power supply, which is provided as part of the entire package. The LED power consumption reaches up to 8.0W and is fully capable of dimming and controlling. Alternate power supply options are available as well.Everlight uses its own 0.5 Watt EHP-A21 Series LED in the completed fixture. This LED is a PLCC-6 package that can house high power white and RGB die.The Everlight E-Skyline is the smart, cost effective, and environmentally safe choice for any in door architectural or general lighting application that may appear in offices, residential homes, and / or commercial buildings. Please contact members of Everlight Americas, Inc to obtain more information, datasheets, or quotes. Thanks!

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